It's never surprising when the Kardashians take a completely luxurious and Instagram-worthy vacation. We've seen their adventures in Cabo, Thailand, Turks and Caicos, and many other places—yes, I'm jealous of their lavish lives. Most recently, the Kardashians traded in a beachy paradise for a seemingly authentic vacay in Japan. Of course, the Kardashian crew showcased all the new food they ate in Tokyo on all their social media handles. Here's a sneak peek into what their plates looked like while traveling abroad.

Japanese Coca-Cola 

While it's unknown whether any of the Kardashians actually decided to buy any of these Japanese sodas, Kourtney turned the average vending machine into an "open 24 hours" photoshoot. I still think this pic is cute AF though, even if she didn't actually drink anything.

Ice Cream at Kawaii Monster Cafe

Looks like Kourtney decided to step outside of her strict "organic only" dairy-free diet and take in the wonderful taste of ice cream, as she noted in her caption "we scream for ice cream." Kawaii Monster Cafe is the newest hotspot in Tokyo—other celebrities including Zedd, Gigi Hadid, and Cameron Dallas have been spotted here as well.

Noodles (accompanied by nudes, apparently)

Here's a plot twist: Kim Kardashian is naked. Yep. That aside, Kim looks really into these noodles, and I don't blame her. Enjoyed with a soda (at least, that's what it looks like), those noodles are probably delicious. 


The Kardashians decided to end their trip a little... American-style. Nevertheless, Japenese McDonald's offers plenty of new menu items that aren't available in other countries.

Surprisingly, the sisters didn't post too many pictures of their travels (assuming we'll see more of the trip on KUWTK). But, from the looks of it, they were eating the best Japanese food in Tokyo. I don't know about you, but I'm suddenly craving ice cream, noodles, and KUWTK.