It's not uncommon to have mixed feelings when walking into your school's dining hall. From awkward "day after" encounters at Sunday brunch, to finding out the salad bar is all out of quinoa, you can never really be sure what is going to happen when you walk through those doors. Here are seven ways that the "Gossip Girl" relates to some of those feelings you've had in the dining hall.

1. When the food selection is the same that its been for the past two nights, and it's just getting kinda old.

You would be lying if you said that this has never happened to you. No one is complaining about eating a turkey and provolone panini with roasted red peppers and chipotle mayo, but for three nights in a row? Maybe you should just get the pizza.

2. When you reach for the last everything bagel at the same time as the person next to you but you fall short.

Everything bagels are my sole purpose for waking up before 1:00 pm on a Sunday. Don't think that I won't tackle the person who tries to deprive me of that salty-onion goodness. 

3. When you're on a diet and the dining hall finally decides to have your favorite meal.

It's the week before formal and you start to think of that perfect dress you bought. You also start to think about how it is actually a little too tight, which means only healthy eats for the next seven days to avoid any possible bloating.

Of course, however, this is the one day of the term that they decide they are going to have Chicken Parmesan aka my fave meal. It's not common to have something at the dining hall to look forward to, so when you do, you're torn. (OK seriously, just go with the chicken parm already.)

4. When the dining hall has your favorite food and you're not on a diet.

Lexi Morrison

This one pretty much speaks for itself. I'm even bringing plastic containers to bring back extra to my dorm. 

5. The face you make when your friend leaves to go to the bathroom and the rest of their tater tots mysteriously disappear.

The distance from your table to the tots is sometimes just too much to handle so early in the morning *ahem* past noon. They were still on the plate which means they weren't going to be eaten anyways, whats the big deal? Its like they were asking to be eaten. And when the dining hall tots aren't enough, make your own at home.

6. That one food that made you really sick that one time.

Laying in your bed the rest of the night with a garbage can next to you is not a fun experience. For everyone else's sake, I hope this never happens to you. But if for some reason it does, Godspeed.

7. When you check the menu at the dining hall and your friend asks, "Who wants to order Indian?"

When the only options are either catfish or meatloaf, almost anyone would jump at the chance to get take-out. Takeout is almost always the better option, and sometimes it can even be healthier. 

Tbh, the dining hall isn't always a horrible place. Sometimes you may like your meal, and other times you will not. Just know you're not alone and even Blair Waldorf has to sit through an unfortunate meal experience every once and awhile (like S3 E11).