For those of us with a raging sweet tooth, a craving for cookie dough could hit at any moment. However, if that moment is while you're at work or at 1 am, you might not have the ingredients on hand, or even want to put in the effort to make your own. So, here's a list of seven edible cookie dough suppliers that ship the good stuff right to your door.

1. Cookie Dough Cafe

Two Pack: $23

Three Pack: $31

Cookie Dough Cafe is one of my personal favorites because of the taste and awesome clear packaging (you can see exactly what you're getting). They have five different flavors including Chocolate Chip, Oreo, Monster, Naked (plain) and Confetti. They also offer gluten-free flavors, and adorable mini cups in packs of four for those seeking the smaller, occasional indulgence. 

#SpoonTip: This dough (except for the Naked version) contains soy, milk, and egg products, as well as tree nut allergens. 

2. Edoughble 

Two Pack: $25

Four Pack: $40

With one of the more impressive repertoires for edible cookie dough, Edoughble offers a laundry list of flavors that cater to those looking to fulfill specific cravings. From Salt n' Swirl Caramel, Lady in Red Velvet Chip, Milk n' cookies, and even S'mores, they have it all. And I'd have to say the coolest product they offer is Dough-it-Yourself Kit, in which you get plain cookie dough along with toppings that you can mix in yourself. 

3. Unbaked

 Half Pint: $9.50

One Pint: $14.50

College Budget: $6

Just three years into the edible cookie dough business, Unbaked is one of the very few companies to offer, "college attainably priced," products by making a few modifications to their packaging, (hence the naked look). They also have a range of unique flavors and bundle packs that include: Birthday Cake, Mint Cookies and Cream, and Nutella Churro. 

#SpoonTip: Due to the size of their company, Unbaked only ships on Tuesdays and Thursdays and asks that you give each order 5-7 processing prior to shipping.

4. DŌ Cookie Dough Confections

Choose Your Own Four Pack: $50

Choose Your Own Six Pack: $69

Don't let dietary restrictions hold you back from indulging! has one of the most inclusionary selections of dough, offering multiple vegan and gluten-free options like Signature Chocolate Chip, Sugar Cookie, and Peanut Butter Snickerdoodle. They also have a location in New York, where you can purchase dough in scoops.

5. P.S. Snacks

12, 3 oz Packs: $32.28

P.S. Snacks is all about the "healthier" alternative to edible cookie dough. They use ingredients like chickpeas, almonds, and organic cane sugar to make the base of their dough. They offer three flavors, (chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter, and fudge brownie). Their small 3 oz packs are a good sweet fix for those looking for healthier snacking. 

#SpoonTip: Do beware that they are a little on the pricey side due to the quality of the ingredients, as a 12-pack of 3 oz dough cups sells for about $32.28. 

6. The Dough Jar

Dough'ble Pack (two pack): $20

Dough Lover's Pack (four pack): $39

The Dough Jar is known for its product flexibility, as you can order regular size and mini jars, as well as mix and match flavors, so you can try them all! Some of their signature flavors are Oatmeal Raisin, Fudge Brownie, Sugar Cookie Funfetti, and Chocolate Chip. 

7. Batter Up Batters

4oz container: $4.99

8oz container: $7.50

Batter Up Batters, operating out of Long Island, now offers online shipments of jarred cookie dough, as well as gourmet edible cookie dough bites inside a graham cracker crust. While their prices are almost as easy to eat as the dough, the shining star here is that their dough is both eggless and contains heat treated flour.