It bathing suit season! If you are like me, you will be trying to loose that freshman fifteen before the summer season starts. Dieting is hard, especially with all of the good food that is out there. There will be so many different types of unhealthy food that you will miss. So here are a list of foods that if you are on a diet you will crave, and if you are not on a diet please eat them for me! 


sweetmeat, goody, sweet, candy, chocolate
Noelle Johnson

Doughnuts are not usually my unhealthy food of choice, but with all of the new doughnut trends that are going around it is hard not to crave one of these fancy treats. Go to your nearest Dunkin' Donuts before you cannot have them anymore.

Ice Cream

cappuccino, candy, sweet, coffee, cream, chocolate, milk
Rica Beltran

Ice cream is one of the first things that I crave whenever I am trying to be healthy. I would do anything to have a chocolate brownie sundae right now. I could even eat any of the Ben and Jerry's flavors without a second thought. This go-to summer treat will be missed. 

Cheese Fries

This food is so amazing there is even an Instagram account dedicated to it. Cheese fries are the reason I have to diet, and the reason I can never seem to stay on one. This salty snack would perfect to eat while walking along the boardwalk, and are good enough so you cannot stop eating them. 


corn, lettuce, chili, chicken, tacos
Cherese Shelton

Tacos: the reason the world goes round. Tacos are the kind of food that makes everyone happy. They are easily customizable, so they can make any person smile. These unhealthy foods will be severely missed this summer. 


nigiri, rice, salmon, tuna, sushi
Morgan Goldberg

Yes, I know sushi can be healthy, but I am not talking about your small amounts of sashimi. What you will miss will be the spicy crunchy tuna rolls and the salmon tempura supreme rolls. These fun dinners will have to be monitored to not interfere with the summer body of your dreams. 

Chicken Parmesan

This classic Italian dish will be missed this summer. A go to dinner now has to be eaten on special occasions. With its gooey mozzarella cheese and sweet tomato sauce, this chicken dish cannot be incorporated into this diet. 


pastry, cake, chocolate, candy, cream, sweet, doughnut, sprinkles
Angela Pizzimenti

And finally, Bagels. This amazing food can be sweet or savory depending on your mood. Now with the help of The Bagel Store, it also can come in different colors. This is a treat that will sadly be forgotten this summer. 

Now, looking back on all of this good, unhealthy food, is it even worth it?