Without a doubt, winter is my favorite season of the year. Beyond the typical season-based features of Christmas, hot chocolate, snowstorms, and reuniting with family and friends, I find myself looking forward to the endless amounts of tasty foods and flavors. This December, Magnolia Bakery is especially appealing to anyone who loves winter flavors (so basically everyone), with their new Chocolate Peppermint Banana Pudding.

In case you didn't know, Magnolia Bakery is beyond famous for their traditional banana pudding in New York City and beyond. In addition to serving up their banana puddings they also vend ridiculously good cupcakes and cookies at various locations across the United States.

I was lucky enough try out this minty and sweet winter pudding with my friends, and we were definitely not disappointed!

Here are my thoughts:

Rachel Eng


If ordering in store, Magnolia Banana Puddings comes in small, medium, and large sizes and are served to go in pint containers that are perfect for sharing with others and storing in a fridge for a midnight snack. If ordering online, packages come in sets of six, each pint serving 1-2 people. The Chocolate Peppermint Banana Pudding set comes with 3 of the seasonal flavor and 3 traditional banana puddings for the picky eater.

#Spoon Tip: Magnolia offers next day nationwide shipping, so take advantage of the fact that you never even have to leave your couch if you want to enjoy their Chocolate Peppermint Banana Pudding this year! Online orders are shipped overnight every Thursday, so you can have the fresh pudding in your hands in time for the weekend.
Rachel Eng


The Magnolia Bakery Chocolate Peppermint Banana Pudding is made up of chocolate banana pudding, chocolate wafer cookies, bananas and peppermint. For me, the minty and velvety chocolate tastes blend together on the tongue and evoke images of Christmas caroling and playing in the snow.

My personal favorite part of the pudding was the chocolate wafer cookie pieces within the piddog. The cookie was really decadent and sweet, but it was not overwhelming and as a huge favorite chocolate lava cake, the flavors of the cake were extremely similar. Also, the texture of the cookie really broke up the velvety, smoothness of the pudding in a good way.

Fair warning, for people who don't love the taste of peppermint, this pudding is not overwhelmingly peppermint flavored, but the flavoring is definitely there. On the other hand, the sweetness of the perfectly ripe bananas in the pudding provide great counterbalance.

One friend described the pudding as “Christmas in a bite, the rich chocolate cookie [melted] perfectly with the peppermint flavored pudding.” Another friend, who is a huge fanatic of Magnolia's World Famous Banana Pudding, the traditional vanilla flavor, was surprised at how much she liked this seasonal flavor, remarking “that it is a beautiful twist on the original banana pudding, and the chocolate was not overpowering but rather complementary to the peppermint”.

Rachel Eng

Final Thoughts

Magnolia Bakery’s Chocolate Peppermint Banana Pudding is yet another addition to Magnolia Bakery’s decadent dessert portfolio. This is the perfect dessert to bring to any holiday party, or even to indulge in by yourself with your family in front of the Christmas tree. I am not even remotely embarrassed to say that after my Christmas party, my roommate and I ate the remains of the pudding in one sitting, it was that good.

The Chocolate Peppermint Banana Pudding will be offered for sale starting December 1 at all (NYC, Chicago, and LA) and will be available for nationwide delivery through.

#Spoon Tip: For parents with kids in college that might not be able to make it home for the holidays, I guarantee you that a care package with Chocolate Peppermint Banana Pudding inside would fulfill any college student’s dream!

Don’t forget that you heard the exciting news here at Spoon University first! Now you have no excuse not to dig into your own pint of delicious Chocolate Peppermint Banana Pudding as soon as possible!