With its infamous namesake, "milk's favorite cookie," Oreos are the classic cookie sandwich with two chocolate, wafer-like cookies and a sweet, creamy filling. There are so many interesting facts and hidden dark secrets about the Oreo, but did you know the secret hack of the Oreo Twist Game?

For those that didn't know, the Oreo Twist Game is a simple game: separate the cookie and guess which side the Oreo cream will land on. If you have ever played this game and lost, it's time to start a winning streak because we know which side the cream will land on, every single time.

Scientists have been baffled about this mystery of the Oreo cookie for quite some time now. They have conducted many experiments to figure out its predictability and they used so many Oreos that they even had to order the Oreos in bulk from Sam's Club.

None of their experiments seemed to answer the question of which side the cream would land on but finally, they found out the Oreo twist game is rigged. 

The discovery: the cream ends up on the same side, for every cookie in every box.

How does it work?

According to Princeton researchers, here's how it works: position the Oreo box so that the text on the packaging is facing up and take out the cookie in the upper left hand corner.

If the cream ends up on the left biscuit on one Orea cookie, it will end up on the left biscuit for every cookie in that box. If the cream ends up on the right biscuit of the Oreo cookie, it will end up on the right biscuit for every cookie in that box. 

So now keep a box of Oreos handy and win the Oreo twist off game for good.