It's beautiful how food can make you cry, laugh, fight and what not! Popular culture and advertisements have been great sources of bringing in a change in the society. What if these two things are combine together, to actually makes food a form of expression. 

Here are 5 advertisements which use this idea pretty well and what remains common to all these ads is that they evoke a feeling of love and a desire to change. 

1. Cadbury’s 'Khadoos Chacha'

Are festivals only for partying and spending time with your family and friends? Or have they got something more? Nostalgia, apologies and a beautiful realization makes this advertisement even more special. When the whole world is glittering, there is this house of the Khadoos Chacha which is dark and lifeless.

A box of chocolates, a man who realizes his mistakes or rather is now annoyed by what he did as a kid as he faces the same situation now and a tight hug that describes the essence of these festival. Perfect combination. 

2. Whisper’s touch the pickle campaign

Food as a revolution, food as a change, is what this advertisement portrays. This ad promotes breaking of age old taboos about periods by touching pickle, which is a taboo in itself.

3. Safolla's World Heart Day advertisement

This is advertisement that challenges gender roles, it doesn't talk about men alone being at the risk of heart related diseases and challenges the old view of women being solely responsible for making food which is fat-free for their husband's healthy life.

4. Fortune cooking oil, har maa ke dil mein

We all have lived away from our homes, spent time missing the food made by our mothers, the smell and taste of it. We all have at some point of time craved to eat our “ghar ka khaana”.

This advertisement beautifully shows how mother's food can reach wherever you want it to reach, to heal you, to make you happy and to relive life.

5. Fortune: Ghar ka khana

Love never gets tired; if it gets tired, it's not love.

A message, which gets conveyed, beautifully in the advertisement.

Dadi’s persistent efforts, the nurse’s everyday’s unapologetic behavior are seen in conflict here. And you know who would win it all in the end. It is one of the most powerful advertisements, we've recently come across.

All these ads are beautifully talking about human values and various shades of love and how all of them are centered towards food. After all, food makes you realize, love, forgive, speak, rebel. Doesn’t it?