Everyone has that one friend that's obsessed with Christmas. She starts playing Michael Bublé in November. She's the first person to try all of the Starbucks holiday drinks, and she has a collection of the red cups. And she has an entire Pinterest board dedicated to gingerbread recipes.

I am that friend.

Needless to say, I spend every November searching for the perfect advent calendar. I thought that this Christmas was going to be especially tough because of my recent dairy issues (shout-out to all the vegans that have to skip out on the chocolate every year - you guys are the real MVP's). With dread, I typed "non-chocolate advent calendars" into Google and crossed my fingers.

A whole foodie world opened up in front of my eyes.

Pork calendars. Gin calendars. Vegan chocolate calendars. There was a seemingly endless supply.

Prepare yourself for the tastiest advent calendars that should be on every foodie's Christmas list.

1. 24 Days of Tea by DAVID'S TEA ($40 CAD)

Photo courtesy of DAVIDsTEA

This advent calendar contains twenty-four days of tea. It includes flavors such as an indulgent Coffee Cake, Irish Breakfast, or a minty Santa's Secret (featuring miniature candy canes). Available in Canada or the U.S.

2. Pork Crackling Advent Calendar by The Snaffling Pig Co (£13)

Photo courtesy of snafflingpig.co.uk

Yes. It's an advent calendar featuring pork. What more could a person want? Unfortunately, this popular calendar is already sold out for 2016, but you can always order their limited edition Sage & Onion pork jar. Available in the U.K.

3. Wine Advent Calendar by Virgin Wines (£69.99)

wine, alcohol, red wine, beer, liquor
Photo courtesy of virginwines.co.uk

Did someone say wine? This calendar comes with a selection of different wines (red, white, Prosecco, port) and it ships for free within 48 hours. Enjoy a new vino with dinner every day in December. Or enjoy it with breakfast. There's no judgement. Available in the U.K.

4. Whisky Advent Calendar by Drinks by the Dram (£149.95)

coffee, beer
Photo courtesy of drinksbythedram.com

For those with more refined palates (or those that just want to take the edge off during that stressful family Christmas dinner you promised to go to), this is a calendar of whisky. Yes. One actually exists. It has twenty-four windows filled with different types of whisky, one of which has been aged for fifty years. If you've recently won the lottery, there's also an Old and Rare Whisky Calendar filled with luxury malts that can be yours for only £9,999.95. Available in the U.K., with free shipping.

5. Scandinavian Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar by KaffeBox ($157 USD)

wine, coffee, tea, beer
Photo courtesy of kaffebox.no

This luxury coffee is so fancy that it's sent to you in three shipments of eight packages to ensure maximum freshness. Plus, it's from Scandinavia. How cool is that? Available internationally, with free shipping.

6. Coffee Advent Calendar by Imperial Teas (£35)

gem, sweet
Photo by Lewis Harry

If the idea of dropping $150+ on an advent calendar makes you want to pull your own nails out, but you're still a caffeine addict, then this wallet-friendly version is perfect for you. Available internationally.

7. Beer Advent Calendar by Craft (£60)

chocolate, candy
Photo courtesy of craftbeerimports.ca

Perhaps better known as "the ultimate Dad calendar," this calendar is filled with twenty-four beers from around the world. It includes ales, stouts, bitter and blond beer (as a gin and tonic lover, I don't know what that means, but I'm quoting from the website). It even features moose on the front cover. Available in Canada

8. Ginvent Advent Calendar by Drinks of the Dram (£124.95)

beer, coffee, wine, tea
Photo courtesy of drinksbythedram.com

Drinks of the Dram pulls out another showstopper with this calendar that offers twenty-four days of gin. If you're the person that orders a gin and tonic every time you go to the pub with friends (you know who you are), then this calendar is for you. Available in the U.K., with free shipping.

9. Liquorice Advent Calendar by Lakrids (€39)

Photo courtesy of Lakrids by Johan Bülow

This Danish company offers twenty-four days of gourmet liquorice. Childhood dreams really do come true. Available internationally.

10. Vegan Chocolate Advent Calendar by Holland & Barrett (£3.99)

cake, gingerbread
Photo courtesy of hollandandbarrett.com

Nobody should have to go without chocolate during the holidays, and thanks to this vegan chocolate calendar, nobody has to. It even has a smiling snowman on the front. Trust me, snowman - I'm just as pleased. Available internationally.

11. No Added Sugar Vegan Chocolate Advent Calendar by Holland & Barrett (£3.99)

Photo courtesy of hollandandbarrett.com

Diabetic, gluten-free, and vegan? Don't worry. Holland & Barrett still has you covered for the holidays. Available internationally.