So we’ve made it to November and, unfortunately, the initial pumpkin craze has died down a bit. Maybe it’s because some of the novelty is gone, or because people are preemptively switching over to their peppermint and eggnog cravings. But, come on, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! This article is about the spread that will rejuvenate and sustain your pumpkin wants and needs deep into the cold winter months. Meet Pumpkin Butter: aka smooth, pumpkin, heaven. Get a jar now (it will last you a while) so you can make everything it goes on that much better.

Add Some Pumpkin to Your Butter

Photo by Dina Zaret

Where to use pumpkin butter?.

The Classics:

1. Oatmeal: Put it in your oatmeal (obviously my #1 choice). Add in a banana or apple if you’re feeling ~fancy~.

2. Yogurt: A scoop of pumpkin butter in some Fage will do wonders.

3. Sandwiches: Pumpkin butter low key goes really well with turkey.

4. Crackers: The simplest solution can often be the best one. Even try slathering some over almond butter for a particularly decadent snack.

The Experimentals:

1. Tofu and fish: The sweetness with a little spice of the pumpkin butter actually goes really well with tofu and light fishes. Tip: pair with quinoa or rice cooked with apple sauce for the perfect meal.

2. Roasted veggies: Cauliflower or zucchini with a little sweet pumpkin kick? Yes, please.

3. Sauteed apples: Do I need really need to explain how this would be incredible?

Where to get this magical spread:

1. Beechwood Orchards: The farmer’s market outside the bookstore on Wednesdays makes my favorite pumpkin butter. Open the jar and get a nice whiff of heaven. They also sell their butter at the farmer’s market at Rittenhouse.

2. Kauffman’s: Their pumpkin butter is sold at Milk & Honey and Reading Terminal Market (now on Instacart :O ). A little less spice than the Beechwood Orchards, but delicious nonetheless without any sugar added!

Add Some Pumpkin to Your Butter

Photo by Dina Zaret

3. Trader Joe’s: Their’s is not my absolute favorite pumpkin butter (and my least favorite of the bunch), but it’s still delicious and definitely a great option.