With summer around the corner, we’re all worrying about our “winter bodies” that haven’t seen bikinis in months. Cutting carbs has always been the classic way to lose weight fast, and it’s an easy and dangerous trap to fall into.

It may seem as if the #1 “Skinny Rule” is to avoid carbs, but that’s not the case. We need them for energy to stimulate our central nervous system, muscles and brain.

By cutting out carbs completely, you may find yourself tired, angry and unmotivated. This laziness also keeps your from going to the gym, which is another large component in staying in shape and preparing your body for fun in the sun.

Rather than continuing your intake of simple starches (white pasta, white bread/flour), you should focus on complex carbs, which taste very similar or even better if prepared the right way. Quinoa, rice noodles, and sprouted rice or bread are good options packed with protein that will give you all that energy you lost either in the library or out drinking last night.

The secret: pair complex carbs with veggies and meat to placate your body with all the right nutrients to be the healthiest and happiest we can be. These energy boosting foods also help keep up our energy levels.

Combining these complex carbs with veggies sautéed in olive oil, lemon, garlic and salt & pepper is the yummiest way to stay healthy while feeling like you’re indulging.

For a more complete dinner entree, balsamic or lemon chicken is a delicious addition to combine with your good carbs and veggies. You will feel more full longer because complex carbs expand in your stomach so late night cravings won’t attack you at 10:00 pm.

No more “cutting carbs” when you can complex carb.

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