The 18s are here. 18s. I had only just got used to having 17s on campus but soon a new breed of students will be entering campus.

On April 24 and 25, they came to Dimensions of Dartmouth, an opportunity for accepted students, affectionately called Prospies for prospective students, to visit and decide if Dartmouth is for them. Prospies, although we are still getting panic attacks that we are a year older, we welcome you to our home, and hopefully yours next year.


Photo by Josh Renaud

At the activities fair, organizations from all over campus were represented. Our very own Spoon University was there to show the food enthusiast 18s that there was a niche for them on campus.


Photo by Josh Renaud

Treasurer Chris Novak prepared a mango coconut foam soup with a whipping siphon. Upon seeing the orange foam served in a dainty cup, 18s and their parents assumed it would be a cool, refreshing dessert. Little did they know, their tongue received a punch of spiciness from our little savory treat.


Photo by Josh Renaud

This may have been the first time Prospies had such an eccentric dish, but many of the 18s who approached our booth proved us wrong. Here is a sampling of what the Class of 2018 has already tasted:

“Raw deer heart and it was still warm.” – Tucker

“Calf fries – cow testicles battered and deep fried.” – Amber

“I mixed and fried mustard, lime juice and flour. I couldn’t find any food in my house.” – Ellie

“I ate iguana. We were in the Caribbean. It was kind of weird.” – Quinn

“I ate a worm once. I was little and thought it would be a fun thing to do.” – Will

“I had caños in Spain. I think it was cow intestines. It was disgusting and I almost vomited.” – Joe

“Probably fried silk worm.” – Sarah

“Lamb’s heart or pig’s heart. Some kind of heart.” – Kevin