If you regularly walk around asking your friends if butter is a carb and replying, "Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries," listen up. Johnathan Bennet, aka Aaron Samuels, is reviving the infamous Burn Book from the movie and turning it into a legit cookbook. 

The Burn Cook Book will feature recipes like Kalteen Bars, Gretchen's Wieners, Fetch-uccine Alfredo, You Go Glen (Hot) Cocoa, Ms. Norberry Pie, Just Stab Caesar Salad, Is Mac and Cheese a Carb?, and Face Smells Like a Foot Peppermint Bark. Are you freaking out yet? Between recipes, you'll find a foreword from Lacey Chabert (Gretchen Weiners herself!) and pics of Johnathan and co-author Nikki Martin enjoying some of the good eats. Also, yes, Johnathan's hair is indeed pushed back. 

All the excitement aside, Bennet making a cook book after the film debuted 14 years ago can seem a little random. But since 2015, he's been showing off some of his food knowledge as the host of Food Network's "Cake Wars." Co-author Nikki Martin is also well known in the food industry as a celebrity chef and has appeared on shows like "Food Network Star," "Going Off The Menu," and "Chopped Grill Masters." You're in good hands, people.

The Burn Cook Book is slated to come out on Oct. 2. You can preorder it today for $14.99 though and get it in time to celebrate Mean Girl's Day on Oct. 3.