I love Ann Arbor for the people, the restaurants, the independent booksellers, the well-maintained parks, the university it happens to contain and the bars. But mostly, for the bars.

There are countless bars to choose from. Do you want to drink cheaply? Sample microbrews? Meet a sommelier? Hear live music? Play darts? Dance with friends? Dance with strangers?

There’s a place for you.

And the options only grow in the summertime. Some bars only open when it’s warm; others have outdoor seating (which provides a totally different, and awesome, experience); and still others transform their menus to offer berry-rich cocktails and citrus-y beers (and since fruit = good, and alcohol = good, fruity alcohol = the best).

So, quiz time: which is the bar for you?

  1. Your go-to drink is:

  2. If you could only watch one TV show for the rest of your life, it would be:

  3. You've just entered the Witness Protection Program, and you have to move to a new city in the U.S. You choose:

  4. Favorite book?

  5. The ultimate ice cream flavor is:

  6. Your spirit animal is a:

  7. Your go-to study spot is:

  8. The Disney character you most identify with is:

All photos by Zoe Zaiss