Alright, so you’re single and left alone when all your friends are enjoying “date night.” So what? Embrace the day and your singleness; the cliché exists for a reason.

For those of you planning on a fancy dinner with “bae,” stop reading now; and stop using the word “bae.” The secrets to making these delicious creations are not intended for you. Seriously, stop reading. You already have met the criterion for date night success by having a date.

If you’re cooking for one, we’ve got your game plan.

Attire and preparations

Select your most comfortable clothes (lots of elastic, plenty of space). Put on said clothes. Queue up some music, preferably of the early 2000’s variety, and press play.

Appetizer: Hasselback Baked Potatoes

date night

Photo by Amanda Shulman

The best part about this recipe is that it’s super easy, and only takes 3 minutes to prep. Also, due to the nature of this kind of potato, you will never have a bite that is not oozing cheesy goodness.

Main course: Mac-and-Cheese Grilled Cheese

date night

Photo by Rachel Livengood

This sandwich combines cheese with more cheese. So stop asking yourself why you’re single, and start asking yourself why it’s against the law to marry a sandwich.

Dessert: Ice cream sandwich

date night

Photo by Lindsay Bralower

This is the time to treat-yo-self! You can have as many as you want, and no one can stop you. BONUS: ice cream is scientifically proven to be better than sex. So who is the real winner this date night?

Second Dessert: The Blue Ivy

date night

Photo by Jess Hayes

This cocktail is for all you single ladies. Even though Bey is off the market you can still enjoy this wonderful blue cocktail named after her adorable daughter.

After devouring your date night meal be thankful for your freedom. You don’t have to compromise on what to eat or where to go, and you can go to bed at 6 pm or 3 in the morning. You have the freedom to be exactly who you want to be; how many people in relationships can say that?

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