The Founders Story 

As a Thai-American foodie, South East Asian flavors have always had a place in my heart. Pandan, Ube, Coconut, you name it. Whether you are familiar with these flavors or not, you need to try them now!

To bring these flavors to Massachusetts all the way from Manila, Philippines, childhood friends Rowena and Irene, decided to create ice cream flavors to remind them of their childhood and Asian roots. Hence that is why they started The Islanders Creamery, based in Massachusetts. 

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Irene in person. She is extremely sweet, energetic and above all, passionate about her business model! She is also super open to new opportunities for her business to flourish, as well as striving for ways that it can improve. Go support her and Rowena by throwing them a follow on Instagram to stay updated with what they've been up to! 

The Ice Cream 

The Islanders Creamery is seriously the BEST ice cream I have ever had, and not to mention the best Asian-inspired ice cream! Their seasonal ice cream flavors are made in small-batches and they offer spring/summer flavors which are: 

- Piña Colada

- Coconut Pandan

- Mango Peach Pie

- Purple Yam aka Ube (MY FAVORITE!) 

- Avocado (My Second Favorite)

- Cookie Sandwich Barako Coffee

- Banana Turon

The purple yam, avocado and coffee are always offered, since they are the most popular flavors (they're also my roommates and my personal favorites!).

Pricing: is $8/ quart; $5.99/ pint

Ordering: You can order via their website, Facebook or Instagram. You can also order via Foodega, a Filipino food delivery service. Their ice cream is also available in 4 stores: JMart in Peabody, Asian Food Mart in Holbrook, Pinoy Republic in Worcester, FilMart in Newburyport.

So, what makes The Islanders Creamery THE BEST ice cream?

1.  The Flavors

As a lover of essentially all South East Asian flavors, their flavors taste extremely fresh and authentic. You can actually see chunks of Purple Yam (aka Ube) in the ice cream and their avocado flavor tastes and smells exactly just like a perfectly ready-to-eat avocado!

2. The Texture

Founder Irene Li Deane kindly hand-delivered me the ice cream to my apartment in Boston and of course, I had absolutely no self control but to dig in immediately. The texture was super creamy and smooth, which made it so easy to scoop the ice cream. The colors were also SO pretty, they didn't look fake or artificial at all compared to other ice cream brands that I had tried with the same flavors. 

3. A Taste of Home 

These South East Asian flavors are not common to come across at all in your typical ice cream store, and as a native of South East Asia I guarantee you that these taste just like the real thing. You don't need to fly half way across the world to try Ube or Pandan flavored ice cream, simply order The Islanders Creamery for a sweet taste of South East Asia in Massachusetts! 

4. Cooling Down 

After way too many 90+ degree days out in the sun running errands or working outdoors, this ice cream really cooled me down a lot. It is SUPER refreshing, and sitting down with a pint or quart of The Islanders Creamery is a truly relaxing way to spend a summers day.

5. Happy Roommates 

Did I mention that my roommates and I could not stop fangirling over this ice cream? We are lovers of ice cream in general, whether it is Trader Joes or Ben & Jerry's, but the taste of The Islanders Creamery by far exceeded our typical purchases, and we immediately placed orders for more flavors the same night we received the ice cream! 

Our favorites: Ube (mine), Avocado (Lily's) and Sandwich Cookie Barako Coffee (Layan's). 

What's Next? 

The Islanders Creamery is extending their ice cream sandwiches special (a variety pack of 3 different ice cream sandwiches) until July 2nd! 

Their Father’s Day Special is a pack of three ice cream sandwiches made with fresh baked to-die-for cookies by Baked By Mui which are: 

- Banana White Chocolate Coconut Cookies with Purple Yam Ube Ice Cream

- Chocolate Chip Cookies with Avocado Ice Cream

- Oreo Cookies with Mango Peachy Pie Ice Cream 

Order by July 2 for 4th of July weekend pickup!

To get a sweet taste of South East Asia in Massachusetts, head over and get some ice cream from The Islanders Creamery now! Stay tuned for their new flavors via their website, Facebook or Instagram.