When you're tired after a long day of classes, clubs, and the one-million other things that you do at WashU, it's too easy to just grab a half and half from BD for dinner. Until relying on meal points and on-campus options isn't your only choice, it's important to make better decisions and try your hardest to seek out healthy options in the dining halls. Here are a few options from WashU dining services to keep in mind the next time you're headed towards that enticing tray of french fries and chicken at the grill.

1. Carvery

Rebecca Rooks

If you have never had carvery from Holmes Lounge or the Law Cafe, you haven't fully taken advantage of WashU dining—there's a reason we're ranked in the top 10 when it comes to college food options. The carvery meats are high in protein, and you can add veggies to balance out your meal in either a sandwich or a wrap. Every day the meat is different, so you never get tired of eating the same thing twice. The lines can be long, but the wait is definitely worth while. 

2. Paws and Go Salad Bar

Rebecca Rooks

Salad can seem boring or not filling enough, but if you truly take advantage of the Paws & Go salad bar, you might change your mind. There's always a wide variety of toppings and delicious protein options. Grab your base of lettuce and add veggies, fruits, and cheese, trying to incorporate a variety of colorful ingredients into your meal. You'll be sure to get a plethora of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Finishing off your salad with a starch and a protein will give you a very well rounded meal. Instead of a fatty salad dressing, try sprinkling some olive oil on your salad to make it even healthier. 

3. DUC Vegetarian Station

Anika Kumar

DUC food stations can vary in quality each day, but the vegetarian station is fairly consistent with delicious, well-balanced options. Some of my personal favorites are the lasagne, the gnocchi, and the quiche. All meals come with a side salad and a starch (usually potatoes or a bread roll), and are often filled with protein and healthy fats. Don't be shy just because it's the vegetarian station—I am a meat-lover and still eat there almost every day.

4. BD International Station

broccoli, chicken, rice
Ariel Vasser

Sometimes it's hard to figure out what you want for dinner when you have so many stations to choose from at BD, but one of the healthiest is usually the International Station. The meal is generally made up of a protein (usually chicken or fish), a starch (rice or naan), and a veggie that gets you all of the nutrients you need to fuel your night time studying and to keep you full until you go to bed. This last part is important because studies have shown that eating too late at night increase the risk of weight gain and chronic diseases. Eating a good dinner from the International Station might help keep you away from those midnight snacks.

5. Breakfast at the Grizzly Grill

Anika Kumar

Starting your day off with a nutritious breakfast has been proven to be a key part of being productive and keeping a healthy weight. Starting your day off with a smile is probably good for you as well, and Bill at the Grizzly Grill is the king of positivity when most of the students he serves food to are half asleep. At the Grizzly Grill you can get avocado toast, an egg and cheese sandwich, or my personal favorite, an egg and cheese sandwich with avocado inside. Avocados are filled with healthy monounsaturated fats and have many positive effects on the body. Eggs are rich in protein to keep you full, and cheese is a good source of calcium protein and other vitamins and minerals. The avocado toast even comes with fruit to give your mood and your day an extra boost. 

I'm not saying that these are the only foods that you should eat at WashU, but definitely keep them in mind as you make your choices about what to eat every day.