Everyone has one of those weeks occasionally, but we all bounce back eventually. Try these song and drink duos next week for a truly memorable (possibly for its lack of memories) week.

Also, you might need some of these hangover-preventing foods before you get started… and if you struggle mid-week, make one of these hangover cure brunches so you can power through.

Monday: Friends’ Night In

Boozy Mint Chocolate Chip Oreo Milkshake and House Party

song and drink

Photo by Max Bartick

You’re getting ready for a big week. Invite your friends over for a movie and milkshake night, adult style. Pick a movie with a star as drool-worthy as singer Sam Hunt and let his voice start off your night with all the best reasons for staying in.

Lyric that defines your night: You ain’t gotta leave the house to have a good time

Tuesday: #SquadNight

Mason Jar Moscow Mules and Bartender

song and drink

Photo by Keni Lin

Your best friends can get you through anything. If you’re still not over Monday’s debauchery (or Tuesday or last week or three years ago) grab some mason jars, mix up a Moscow mule and head out for a night straight out of a Lady Antebellum song.

Lyric that defines your night: Chase that disco ball around/’til I don’t remember/go until they cut me off

Wednesday: Dance Party

Sour Patch Watermelon Vodka Shots and Good Time

song and drink

Photo by Max Bartick

You need some sugar to fuel your night of dancing, but you also can’t forget to eat your fruit. When you tell mom and dad you got your recommended two cups of fruit a day, you don’t have to tell them it was filled with booze and candy. These shots will go down even easier with Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City promising you an amazing time.

Lyric that defines your night: We don’t even have to try/it’s always a good time

Thursday: Thirsty Thursday

Vodka Sunrise Shot and Thirsty

song and drink

Photo by Kelly Logan

This shot goes down almost too easily, so watch your drinking games tonight. The brothers in AJR might not all have been old enough to drink when they wrote this song, but they for sure feel you, and before you know it this song will be your new Thursday night anthem.

Lyric that defines your night: Thirsty, thirsty Thursday! 

Friday: TGIF

Hurricanes and The F***ING BEST SONG EVERRR

song and drink

Photo by Abigail Wilkins

You’re about to storm the town, why not start off with an aptly named drink? Get into the NOLA party vibe with your friends. Let Wallpaper sing them the words you’ve always wanted to tell them. If you don’t really mean it, don’t worry, they won’t remember in the morning.

Lyric that defines your night: Best friends, you are my f***ing best friends/seriously, it’s like the best night ever/this song, I’m really feeling this song/this song, the f***ing best song ever

Saturday: Weekend Celebration

Honey Jalapeño Margaritas and Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time

song and drink

Photo by Max Bartick

So you’ve made it through five days, why stop there? Friday was probably epic, but that doesn’t mean Saturday can’t be, too. Kick the night off with some heat and tequila, what could go wrong? Also, if you haven’t heard, Panic! at the Disco is back and this song is killer (plus it samples Rock Lobster, another great food-related song) and Brendon Urie loves to drink, the perfect combination.

Lyric that defines your night: I’m not as think as you drunk I am

Sunday: Recap Night

Sangria Slushies and Finest Hour

song and drink

Photo by Kelly Logan

You made it. You’re on your seventh day of drink and song pairings, you’ve heard some cool new music and now you need some wine. Mix it up with these slushies (or if you’re too cold, try some mulled wine). Rehash your crazy week with the always fedorable Gavin DeGraw, we can only hope you had some of your own finest hours this week.

Lyric that defines your night: They say the best stories come from the worst nights baby/but oh, it was crazy/and oh, it was amazing

You did it, time to celebrate.