We were absolutely hyped when we heard about the release of girl scout flavored coffees. Combining one of America's favorite brands of cookies with our beloved Dunkin' Donuts coffee is the kind of mash-up we have all been waiting for. If you have not tried them yet, then we are here to provide our personal opinion on each of the three new flavors so you can find which best suits you.

Coconut Caramel

Michelle Quinn

This is by far our favorite flavor in the bunch! The caramel coconut flavor is inspired by the Girl Scout's Caramel deLites® Cookie, also known as the Samoa®. It is somewhat to similar to other coffee swirls, but if you are a caramel coffee lover, then this is the flavor for you. Technically, since Dunkin' Donuts offers coconut flavoring and caramel flavoring always, this combo can stick around for a while with a custom order. 

As for this specialty drink, you are not going to get a strong coconut flavor. It is primarily the caramel flavor, with just a hint of coconut. If you are like us and trying to mix up your normal coffee order, yet still trying to keep it safe, this is your best bet. 

Peanut Butter Cookie

Brianna Sutherland

Honestly, we were dreading trying this flavor. Peanut butter Girl Scout cookies are great, but peanut butter in your coffee... not so much. However, the peanut taste is very subtle and quite good compared to other coffee flavorings. It is more of a nutty flavor overall than a strong peanut butter, so it does not overwhelm the flavor of the coffee. It is mildly sweet and reminds us of french vanilla with just a hint of nuttiness. Do not be nervous to give this one a try, especially if you are a peanut butter lover.

Thin Mints®

Michelle Quinn

If Thin Mints® are not available but you are craving them, then seek out your nearest Dunkin' Donuts for this beverage. This flavor is closest in relation to it's cookie companion, but it is very overwhelming in the coffee. It has a strong mocha taste, but the mint is almost equally as strong. It is also very sweet, and we found it quite hard to finish the large size (oh, the sacrifices we make for our fellow spoonies...). Overall, we probably would not order this one again. On the other hand, if you are in the mood for something chocolaty, this could be the coffee for you. 

In summary, these three new flavors are worth the trip to your nearest Dunkin' Donuts. It is important to note that all of these are flavor swirls. This means they are already sweetened, so these may not be for you if you don't like sugary coffee. We recommend not adding any extra sugar before you taste it. 

Regardless of your personal favorite, we definitely suggest trying at least one of these Girl Scout flavored coffees before they are gone. Reach out to @spoon_bulldogs, give us a follow, and let us know which one is your favorite!