Very few people can resist their love for ice cream. 

While working at a local Ben and Jerry’s chain over the summer, I’ll admit I’ve had my fair share of ice cream samples. In the span of a week I had tried every flavor we carried, as any sweet-toothed person lacking any sense of willpower would.

There’s no sugar-coating it; I ate a lot of ice cream. Although my dentist would not be proud, Ben and Jerry’s made up the majority of my diet for the past four months; I became, as one would call, an ice cream cone-noisseur.

Through speaking with customers who were mutually passionate about Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, I’ve had several opportunities to form solid opinions about each flavor. Not that I’m an expert critic by all means, but through these recent experiences I’ve certainly noticed the popularity of specific flavors over others.

Now that summer is over and I’m recovering from my sugar withdrawal, I will reflect on the many scoops I served (and consumed) narrowing it down to the top ten Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavors.

If you’re looking for the scoop on which Ben and Jerry’s flavor to buy for your next craving, here’s a ranking of the best-selling Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream flavors.

10. Phish Food

Chocolate ice cream with marshmallow, caramel and chocolate fudge fish pieces. Tastes exactly like it sounds, this Ben and Jerry’s classic is a good one, but appeals to a very specific type of ice cream-lover... you know who you are.

9. Cherry Garcia

Cherry ice cream with cherries and dark chocolate fudge pieces. Everybody’s grandma’s favorite as well as the occasional 12 year old with a mature taste palette. Short and sweet, it’s delicious, but again not everyone’s go-to.

8. Mint Chocolate Chunk

Mint ice cream with fudge chunks. Despite the pride Ben and Jerry’s holds for using all natural ingredients with no artificial coloring, the lack of the classic mint green color found in most competition really disappointed a lot of customers. If color doesn’t influence your opinion, however, this minty ice cream will satisfy your sweet-tooth and leave your breath feeling fresh.

7. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough. Packed with miniature chocolate chips and globs of delightful cookie dough, this one is nothing too out of the ordinary but a safe choice for picky eaters who don’t like going too far out of their flavor comfort zone.

6. Chocolate Therapy

Chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookies and swirls of chocolate pudding ice cream. Everyday, customers would request the one flavor on this list that I have never tasted. But being the most sought out flavor that my branch unfortunately did not carry, it deserved a spot on the list. Taking the public’s word for it, Chocolate Therapy is good stuff.

5. Triple Caramel Chunk

Caramel ice cream with a swirl of caramel and chocolate covered caramel chunks. Got enough caramel for you? If not, most people added caramel sauce to top it off, but it’s already perfectly sweet on its own.

4. Chunky Monkey

Banana ice cream with walnuts and fudge pieces. With Chunky Monkey you either love it or immediately wish you were lactose intolerant after eating it. There is no in between. What earns this controversial flavor a spot this high on the scale is its compatibility with other flavors. Paired with classic strawberry, or Cherry Garcia, boom- you’ve got yourself a banana split in a cup. Picture the scene from Ratatouille, when Remi pairs the cheese and fruit together causing euphoric flavor explosions. Yeah, same sensation.

3. Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz

Coffee ice cream with espresso fudge chunks. My personal favorite. Whether you need a pick-me-up or you want an excuse to eat ice cream before 12pm, this caffeine-filled treat earns its spot at number three. Believe me when I say that there were many days that I ate this ice cream as my main meal. Putting it in a waffle bowl made it count as breakfast, right?

2. Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Chocolate ice cream with fudge brownies. Needless to say, this double chocolate staple gives you everything you’re looking for in a dessert so rich even sugar daddies get jealous.

1. The Tonight Dough by Jimmy Fallon

Chocolate and caramel ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter cookie dough, and chocolate cookie swirls. Taking the crown of the best-selling Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream flavor of the summer is this gem. With its perfect combination of chocolate and caramel ice cream and just the right amount of tasty add-ins, it’s understandably the most-ordered flavor. The Tonight Dough is certainly worthy of its placement as number one on the list.

This wraps up my extremely informal ranking of the best-selling Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream flavors.

All I hope is that the next time you’re contemplating which Ben and Jerry’s pint to grab when you’re at the grocery store, maybe you’ll remember this list and go for one that’s mentioned. Better yet, go for all ben- I mean ten. The more the jerrier- I mean merrier.