Okay, so personally I think Jeff Bezos' next purchase will be this store. Trader Joe's is everything you could want in a grocery store. Their condiments game is strong, frozen game even stronger, and they cover about everything in dark chocolate. So theres about one million "best items at Trader Joe's List" but here is another one. I'd like to say I have pretty good taste buds so check these goods out. ALSO this list is gf.


1. Crystalized Ginger

Okay...this is the perfect post lunch sweet. Satisfies your sweet tooth with some heat.

2. Hoarshradish Hummus


3. Greek yogurt spinach and artichoke dip

texture is on point. Try it if you're looking for a healthier alternative.

4. Tamari flavored rice crackers

Soy good!


5. Komboocha (not whole foods price)

PSA: they usually only had gt's brand in trilogy and gingerade flavors.

Linner (lunch + dinner):

6. cauliflower gnocchi (if you've chosen to disregard any food Instagramer lately)

Tip: heat up the pan with oil and then but the gnocchi directly from the bag on the pan. Let it crisp, then flip. Top with Rao's spicy sauce + nutritional yeast.

7. hot smoked salmon (lox got an upgrade)

Think tuna texture but with smoked salmon taste. Super easy addition to any salad.

8. Light feta

- less fat (if you care about that) but salty and delicious.

9. Cauliflower pizza crust

- top with anything you want and pop in the over. My suggestion is spicy red sauce, kalamata olives, roasted garlic, artichokes, roasted red peppers and feta.

Spreads and Dressings:

10. Calted chunky almond buttah

Provides optimal drizzle for your insta worthy breakfast pics. Also you should buy two jars.

11. Salsa verde

Recipe!! Okay to mash one avo... then add srriracha, lime, salt, and this salsa. 

12. Green goddess dressing 

You can drink it. The ingredients are great, and it mades raw spinach edible.

Hope this is a bit new and you think this stuff is yummy