Zabar's opened up their first store in New York City on 80th street and Broadway in 1934. Louis and Lillian Zabar wanted to open up a local bagel and coffee shop, but they also wanted to sell fish. And they wanted to sell the best fish they could find. 

Zabar's has been a family owned grocery store for new yorkers for almost 80 years now. Their 80th street and Broadway location is still open today, just a little bigger as they expanded. They pride themselves on their fish, coffee, bagels, gift baskets, sweets, cheese, and deli products. Here are the top ten items to buy at Zabar's.

1. Zabar's Original Blend Coffee

New York City has over 8 million people living in it and is one of the busiest cities in the world. New Yorkers actually drink 6.7 times more coffee than the average person. This means that they expect their coffee to be amazing, every time. And at Zabar's, it is. 

2. Bagels

New Yorkers love nothing more than their Saturday morning bagels. Which means Zabar's has high expectations and even higher standards for their bagels. According to their website, "There's nothing like Zabar's Original Toasted NY Bagel."

3. Smoked Fish

You have your everything bagel and an iced coffee on a Saturday morning. All that's missing is lox with cream cheese on the bagel. Zabar's provides the freshest salmon, somewhere where fresh fish is hard to find. 

4. Cheeses

Zabar's has one of the widest selection of cheeses in all of New York City, and it tastes the best. Next time you want to buy cheese for the neighbors to ooh and ahh about, head to Zabar's. They have hundreds of flavors, types, and cheese baskets, something for every occasion.   

5. Bread

From Raisin, Pumpernickel, and sourdough breads, to dinner rolls and tortillas, Zabar's has something for everyone. Gluten free options are also available. They make the bread fresh in the bakery everyday, and you can always smell it when you walk in the front doors. 

6. Red Salmon Caviar

Only from the finest fisheries, the caviar that Zabar's has in store is to die for. The fish can be placed on crackers, omelets, or anything that you want. 

7. Black and White Cookies

Nothing beats black and white cookies. Nothing beats Zabar's black and white cookies. They make them fresh and in the store daily, and the cookies mini size makes the perfect after school snack. 

8. Deli Meats

Pickels, Deli Kits, Knishes and Soups are just the beginning. My favorite thing to do is order a hot sandwich at the counter and eat it in the Zabar's atmosphere. Best place and the best sandwich to top it off. 

Now next time you walk into Zabar's you have more options. 8 to be exact, and every one will make your taste buds scream for more.