I will always stand by the statement that Pennsylvania has the best gas station food. If you're from there or go to school there or have so much as driven through the state, you know what I mean. If not, prepare to be cultured on the choice food selection of the Pennsylvania gas station chains. Yup, I'm talking Wawa and Sheetz. I can understand why ordering fried food from a touch screen menu at a 24 hour gas station food joint in rural PA could sound suspect, but I'm going to provide you with the definitive ranking of the best Foods to order at Sheetz regardless of whether you're depressed AF after a long night of studying, cruising through midday or Ubering there from the frats.

I'm here to do away with all the nay-sayers and give Sheetz the proper respect and esteem it so deserves. I present to you, the definitive ranking of Sheetz foods.

9. Walking Tacos

A trendy tailgate food that gained popularity as a delicious and easy way to consume a regular taco without the mess. While the thought of preparing my own personal taco in a to-go baggie was exciting and seemed like a cutting-edge innovation to my younger self, for some reason, the thought of paying money for a chip bag filled with meat, veggies, cheese, and sauces just seems sketchy. I don't even want to imagine the regret of waking up and seeing a devoured Doritos bag filled with crumbs and old sour cream. On a morning regret scale of 1-10, this is threat level midnight. If you're a daredevil, be my guest and try out the Walking Taco. I like what Sheetz is trying to do with this and it's kind of fun, but I think I'll stick to Taco Bell for my fix of processed fast food texmex.

8. Jalapeño bites

As you'll probably notice, most of these foods are the lethal combo of deep-fried and cheese-filled, and these bites are no different, but they do offer a zesty kick. These are a good way to add some variation of flavor to your order and not too totally spicy. 

7. Loaded Fryz/Loaded Totz

If you're feeling determined, famished, or have a crew of people to feed, these platters are clutch. You can customize them and cater them to your various needs. Sheetz' fryz are nothing to write home about but they're always a safe bet. I will note that they are a little light on the salt. These can be as basic as cheesy fries or as spunky as tater tot nachos... tater tachos.....

6. Tater tots aka Totz

Whether you look back on elementary school fondly or in the form of nightmares, the plain totz are bound to trigger some nostalgic taste buds and bring you right back to the lunch line in the school cafeteria. The amount of grease on a few of these is akin to that on a pizza, but, all joke aside, I'd risk a pimple or two for these bad boy.

5. Onion rings

There's something about these onion rings that makes them stand out from the rest. Maybe it's that it's next to impossible to find a good fast food onion ring these days. These are crunchy but also thick and salty, more like an onion halo if you ask me. The standard for best proposal ever has officially been set... 

4. Fried pickle chips

There's always that one person that asks if you're gonna eat your pickle. I always ate mine, but I wasn't usually the pickle requester. Then, when I got to Pennsylvania, I became a pickle fanatic and had to fight over who got the leftover pickle at meals. At the outset of my Sheetz-capades, fried pickles seemed like something that belonged in a state fair and nowhere else. But then I tried these nuggets of fried, pickle-y goodness, and I was changed. If you're the pickle requester, do us all a favor and get the fried pickles. Or, if you love pickles but are too shy to ask, be bold, be brave, get the fried pickles. 

3. Popcorn chicken

Another legendary TBT to the middle school cafeteria. I remember the fateful day I found out that the chicken patties that allegedly bounced were replacing popcorn chicken due to school's budget cuts. That really taught me the value of the dollar. Just kidding. Sort of. Never ever try to replace a bite-size, poppable snack with a larger, sadder, floppy version of it. You heard it here first @lunchladies. But in all seriousness, popcorn chicken is a totally overlooked fried food because nuggets are all the rage. These have all the greatness of chicken nuggets but a fabulous crunch that you cannot get from the nugget structure due to the wider surface area. If I want a little protein, I'll go for the popcorn chicken.

2. Mozzarella sticks

The cheese in Sheetz mozzarella sticks is what makes their mozz sticks rank so high. The texture is a perfect balance of stretchy and firm to hold for a flawless cheese pull. They're also fried to a golden brown level that doesn't sacrifice crunch for softness. Add the slight seasoning paired with the salt and you've got yourself a stellar mozzarella stick. Sheetz mozzarella sticks are one of the only constants in my life, TBH.

AND the moment you've all been waiting for..

1. Mac N Cheese bites 

Sheetz mac n cheese bites come in at number 1 for so many reasons. The crown jewel of the Sheetz menu. They go with literally any condiment under the sun except perhaps soy sauce. I met a girl who got strictly Sheetz mac n cheese bites catered for her birthday. Yeah. These are truly a Sheetz ICON. If you don't believe me, just ask anyone that's been to Sheetz and they'll say the same.

They also have great coffee, pastries ("Shweetz"), low gas prices and all around great vibes. Next time you're passing through Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, West Virginia or North Carolina and see the iconic Sheetz sign, refer to this article and thank me later. 

One last note- if you still don't know what to get, just douse it in BOOM BOOM SAUCE.