There’s nothing better than receiving a package at school, especially when it’s food. Luckily for college students everywhere, there are dessert options for celebrating birthdays, letting loose after exams, or treating yourself just because.

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Caroline Ingalls

Based out of New York City, Baked by Melissa specializes in bite-sized treats that can be shipped all over the country. Packs come in sets of 12, 25, 50, or 100 cupcakes. You can select single flavor orders, but one of the most popular choices is the Cupcake Assortment.

Along with the eight original flavors, you also receive bonus seasonal flavors. You can customize the ship date to make sure the cupcakes arrive exactly when you expect them.

So which one should you bite into first?

Seasonal Flavors

#SpoonTip: The season flavors are only available until November 28.

3. Pumpkin Spice

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Caroline Ingalls

I was pumped to get into the fall spirit with a classic pumpkin-flavored cake. The pumpkin spice center was killer, but I was disappointed that the cake was just vanilla colored orange. Misleading but still seasonal... you can't do fall without pumpkin spice.

2. Tie-Dye Sugar Cookie

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Caroline Ingalls

Similar to the Pumpkin Spice cupcake, the colorful cake of the Tie-Dye Sugar Cookie was just vanilla. It’s very similar to the original Tie Dye flavor but the sugar cookie frosting set it apart from the others.

1. Cornbread Crumble

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Caroline Ingalls

This one stole the show out of the seasonal flavors. It tastes just like cornbread straight off the table at Thanksgiving dinner. The cream cheese frosting and brown sugar topping help to make it more of a sweet dessert than the average slice of cornbread.

Original Flavors

8. Peanut Butter & Jelly

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Caroline Ingalls

As someone who has eaten PB&J sandwiches for the majority of my childhood, I was interested to try this one. It has actual peanut butter and jelly on it, which is great for people who aren’t a fan of frosting. The cupcake tasted exactly like the classic sandwich straight out of my elementary school lunchbox. So it gets major props for that, but I didn’t think it tasted enough like a cupcake to get the best of both foods.

7. Tie Dye

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Caroline Ingalls

This cupcake stands out immediately due to its crazy color scheme. However, it’s just a vanilla cupcake. A super tasty vanilla cupcake, but still pretty plain. I think that the seasonal Tie-Dye Sugar Cookie one-ups it with the unique frosting… This one is just basic vanilla. It was nice to have a classic flavor in the mix but there could have been more to the cupcake.

6. Red Velvet

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Caroline Ingalls

Like the Tie-Dye, this was a good, standard cupcake to have in the mix. It tasted like your average red velvet cake; however, I couldn’t taste the traditional pairing of cream cheese frosting. Supposedly it was, but it didn’t taste much different than the vanilla frosting on the other cupcakes.

5. Chocolate Chip Pancake

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Caroline Ingalls

The Chocolate Chip Pancake was a very unique flavor; I had never heard of it for a cupcake before. It did a good job of sticking to the sweet taste of a cupcake while still maintaining the pancake flavor with the use of maple syrup frosting. I definitely wish there were more chocolate chips in the batter... The chocoholic in me was a little bummed.

4. Cookie Dough

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Caroline Ingalls

Unlike most of the other cupcakes in the pack that come with vanilla frosting, Cookie Dough comes with chocolate frosting, which was a nice way to switch things up. The cookie dough that's used for the topping and for the filling made sure the flavor was present throughout, but not overwhelming enough to make you feel sick.

3. Cookies & Cream

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Caroline Ingalls

Oreos will always be an American classic and a personal favorite of mine. The vanilla frosting paired with a chocolate cake mimics the cookie and the cookies & cream filling brings both of the flavors together. It’s a super delicious option for all my fellow Oreo lovers out there!

2. Triple Chocolate Fudge

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Caroline Ingalls

Triple Chocolate Fudge was killing the game. The fudge filling made the cupcake seem creamier than the others and the cookie topping gave it a nice crunch. This cupcake would totally fulfill your chocolate craving. And besides, chocolate is good for you, right?

1. Mint Cookie

Caroline Ingalls

Amazing. This was by far the most flavorful bite of cupcake I had. Mint cake, cookies & cream frosting, fudge center, cookie on top, AND frosting drizzle? Mint Cookie was doing the most and I loved it. This cupcake took all the aspects I loved from the others and combined them perfectly. A+ baking right here.

Eleven bites later and I felt like I had tasted every possible combination. The best part of the pack is that you don’t have to settle for choosing just one; three or four cupcakes equals about the size of a normal-sized cupcakes. Across the board, every cupcake had a soft, moist cake that paired well with each flavor. Time to try them out yourself and figure out which ones are your personal favorites!