Walking through the frozen deserts section of any Boston grocery store, you are likely to come across a collection of flavors you've never heard of. These flavors are inspired by Boston and its rich history. As a Bostonian well versed in these flavors, here is a definitive list of the best Boston-inspired ice cream flavors. 

6. Outta the Park Coffee - by Brigham's

Michaela Gillis

"Outta the Park Coffee" is truly out of this world. Brigham's pleases every caffeine addict with this one. This flavor has a coffee base with a fudge swirl and espresso flavored chocolate chunks. When it's not socially acceptable to be having coffee, a bowl of Outta the Park Coffee is the perfect replacement (because it is always socially acceptable to have ice cream). 

5. Peanut Butter Nation - by Hood

You cannot be a part of Red Sox Nation without being part of "Peanut Butter Nation." Hood's Peanut Butter Nation is a vanilla base with a fudge swirl and peanut butter filled Sox shaped chocolate pieces. There is no better way to support Red Sox Nation than with Peanut Butter Nation. 

4. Green Monster Mint - by Hood

Michaela Gillis

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than a huge bowl of mint ice cream. Hood takes mint to another level with their "Green Monster Mint" flavor. Green Monster Mint is a mint based ice cream with fudge swirls and chocolate chunks. These are not just any chocolate chunks, however, Hood fills this with Sox shaped mint chocolates. The only thing missing from this epic surprise in every scoop is Fenway Park. 

3. Just Jimmies - by Brigham's 

Michaela Gillis

"Just Jimmies" by Brigham's is a Bostonian's dream come true. Just Jimmies is exactly what it sounds like, jimmies. This flavor has a vanilla based filled to the brim with jimmies. To make it even better, Brigham's also throws in pieces of chocolate covered sugar cones. Scoop yourself a big bowl of this with even more jimmies, because there can never be too many jimmies.  

2. BoSox Brownie - by Hood

Michaela Gillis

"BoSox Brownie" is perfect for anyone who loves a thick, fudgey brownie with a big glass of milk. This flavor by Hood is a vanilla base with chunks of brownie and swirls of fudge. The brownie pieces are chewy and the vanilla ice cream washes them down just like a glass of milk. BoSox Brownie is perfect to satisfy that late night sweet tooth while watching the exciting final innings of the Red Sox or to please kids of all ages. 

1. Big Dig - by Brigham's 

Michaela Gillis

One of my favorite ice cream flavors of all time, and the best of the Boston-inspired ice cream flavors — Brigham's brings out all the stops with this one. "Big Dig" is vanilla ice cream with brownie chunks, chocolate chunks, and swirls of caramel. The decadent chocolate of the brownies and chocolate chunks is balanced out by the creamy vanilla ice cream and the caramel swirls. There is nothing better on a humid summer day than a huge bowl of "Big Dig" smothered in jimmies. 

Next time the freezer of your mini fridge (or fridge if you're lucky) is looking empty and in need of some frozen treats, go straight to the frozen section and pick up a Boston-inspired flavor and start working your way through them all.