At this point in the season, you are probably tired of the monotony of white snow, gray skies and suspiciously brown-gray hot chocolate. Switch up your winter routine by adding colorful foods to your plate. Eating fruits and vegetables bursting with color will ensure a wholesome intake of vitamins and nutrients that you might not get with a monochromatic diet (read: starches and carbs). Follow this guide to ROY-G-BIV-ify your food.

CABBAGE can treat headaches and improve your skin. Rich in iodine, it keeps your brain and nervous system functioning well.

BLUEBERRIES are potent in antioxidants that maintain good vision. These berries are also proven to fight Alzheimer’s.

KIWIS can help prevent coughing and are full of heart-healthy antioxidants and dietary fiber.

ZUCCHINI contains anti-inflammatory vitamins, and its rich flavor can curb cravings for
unhealthy foods.

SWEET POTATOES are rich in vitamins C and D, which help boost your immune system and keep your skin looking young. They also contain magnesium, which is a key mineral for relaxation.

GRAPEFRUIT’S vitamin C and lycopene can help to treat the common cold and protect against cancer. It is also high in enzymes that help burn fat.

POMEGRANATE’S antioxidants can help protect your body from a variety of diseases and can lower high blood pressure.

BEETS provide vitamin C and betaine, a substance used to treat depression, as well as trytophan, which has relaxation and mood-boosting effects.