Some people use it proficiently and some don't even know it exists. Officially known as the StFX Student Food resource centre, the student food bank is free to use for all StFX students, both on and off campus.

What is it?

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Devon McCarron

Food banks can have stigma around them, but it's completely normal to have a hard time making ends meet, especially as you attempt to pay for a university education. Many don't know that the Student Food Resource Centre exists on campus and that any student can use it to get some free groceries. 

Where is it?

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Devon McCarron

Probably the biggest reason you may not know about the StFX Student Food Resource Centre is its location. It is straight in through the back door of MacKinnon Hall, near the parking lot in front of the Physical Science Centre. It doesn't really have any signage and is often hidden by parked cars so it can be hard to seek out. 

When is it open?

For January to April 2017, it is open Monday to Fridays, 1:10 pm - 6:10 pm. The hours can vary around exam periods since the volunteers are students, but they are still open during this time and modified hours are available on their website.

How do I use it?

beer, tea, coffee
Devon McCarron

Just walk in and give a volunteer your student ID number. Numbers are confidential and recorded as data for Feed NS, who provides food to a number of organizations for those in need. After that, you can take a list and a marker from the desk as a grocery guide to what you can take.

What do I need?

Devon McCarron

The SFRC offers bags to the left of the door when you enter, so if you don't have or remember reusable grocery bags, they've got you. It also helps to make the experience a little more like a trip to the grocery store. 

What kind of things do they have?

coffee, tea, wine, beer
Devon McCarron

This year the SFRC has a great deal with Sobeys. This has given it access to a greater variety of fresh and higher-end goods. Another new supplier has been the StFX Community Garden, which has seen increased support in recent years through various initiatives such as StFX's Enactus society

#SpoonTip: Groceries from Sobeys are purchased every second Tuesday and Feed NS donations arrive every second Wednesday.

Is all the food "non-perishable"?

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Devon McCarron

Some examples of the fresher foods include eggs, home-canned produce, and even some varieties of raw winter squash, which can be nutritious and hard to afford in grocery stores as a student. Of course, some of the higher-end options vary week to week, but delivering a wider variety is always a priority.

But what about the "non-perishables"?

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Devon McCarron

Classic food bank non-perishables such as dried lentils, yellow peas, beans, rice, pasta and pasta sauces, and canned meats like tuna, ham and chicken are also available. They also have some good snacks like boxes of cookies, granola bars and cans of pop or sparkling water. 

"I have dietary concerns..."

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Devon McCarron

If there are every any concerns relating diet, be sure to let the volunteers know so they can get the request passed along to the suppliers and try to provide you with what you need.

How can you get involved?

If you ever have interest in volunteering as part of the Student Food Resource Centre, be sure to email for options. The group has also increased focus on initiatives that address food security and opportunities or ideas are always welcome. 

So take advantage of one of the best resources available to you at StFX. You won't regret it. Oh. And tell your friends.