No matter what season it is, what kind of person you are, or what you like to drink, everyone loves mugs. There are various types of mugs for every kind of person, and every kind of mood you are in.

Tea and coffee lovers will both agree, that the best things in the world are mugs. And with holiday season coming up, any of these are a perfect give for a friend, loved one, or that weird co-worker whose name you got for a Secret Santa. 

Mugs with a Cookie Pocket

This is for the innovator. This mug has anything that you could ever need. It is the best for biscuits and coffee, Oreos and milk, basically anything that you could imagine. 

Finals Week Mug

This mug is the one that you need for finals week. It will keep you motivated, and you can fill it with coffee to keep you awake. This is the mug you should take along when you are planning on camping out in the library until after finals.

Sunday Morning Mug

This is for the days that you honestly can't care about anything. This mug is often pulled out on Sunday mornings when you can't deal with the world of midterms, and last minute activity planning. This mug will show everyone not to mess with you when you are in no mood. 

Tea Filled Mug

These mugs are for when you are in a tea mood. Not only are these mugs made with creativi-tea but they are inspiring for whatever kind of mood you are in.

Doughnut Days Mug

This mug is for those days you go and grab doughnuts with the squad. Not only does it look like a doughnut but can easily fit a doughnut inside to dip it in coffee. This would be the perfect gift for any of your cop friends!

Accio Coffee Mug

This is perfect for when you are about to begin to watch all 20 hours of Harry Potter and need coffee to keep you up. This will bring out the Harry Potter geek in you, and will keep you smiling once all of your coffee is gone. 

The Brownie Mug

This brownie, while it might not be for coffee, may be the thing that is missing from your life. It is for when you are in a brownie mood, and don't have enough time to look up the recipe on Spoon.

The Mug Mug

And finally, the mug mug. This mug is perfect to help replicate your mug lifestyle. When you are done collecting all the previous ones, you can get this mug to top it off.

These mugs are the thing that you need in your life to help advance your coffee habit to a new level. Not only will your coffee keep you awake, but these mugs will leave a smile on your face for the rest of the day.