How often have you found yourself in this situation? You're sitting in Olin Library, working like the studious WashU student that you are, but, suddenly, your stomach starts to rumble. Your hunger pangs are distracting you from getting your work done, but alas, the beloved Whispers Café is closed. The only in-library solution? It's vending machine time. 

For most library dwellers, this seems like a quick and simple solution, but if you follow a vegan diet like I do, or if you're at least trying to reduce your consumption of animal products, selecting a snack without being able to see the ingredients and having to look them up on your own can be tricky and tedious. Not to fear, though, because as someone who knows how real the struggle can be, I've created a list that will give you the run-down of the yummiest vending machine options, as of November 2019, that also happen to be vegan-friendly.


For some substance that will power you through climbing up a cliff, or, perhaps even more challenging, studying for a WashU exam, try Chocolate Chip or Macadamia Nut Clif Bars.


For a crunchy, satiating snack that will certainly embody the nutty nature of schoolwork, try Kar's All Energy Mix or Kar's Peanuts.


For the sweet tooth you've gotta satisfy STAT while keeping an eye open for gelatin or any other animal-based additive, try Skittles or Sour Patch Kids.

Crackers and Chips

For when your mouth is in need of something savory, salty, and crunchy to keep it occupied, try Jay's Krunchers (Jalepeño flavor), Lay's Classic Potato Chips, Old Vienna Red Hot Riplets, Popcorners (Kettle Corn flavor), or Snyder's Mini Pretzels.

I hope that this is a useful tool for all Olin-bound vending machine junkies out there. If, however, you're someone who likes to be prepared when the mid-study hunger strikes, or you're looking for some more unique and fun brain food options, perhaps try bringing some snacks of your own, or, if it's open, hit up the WashU bookstore. Happy snacking... and studying, of course.