Want to explore the Barton Creek Greenbelt in Austin, Texas, but confused about navigating the various trail entrances? You're in luck — below are the different ins and outs of the Greenbelt and instructions on how to find your way around. Don't forget to bring lots of water to stay hydrated and for the sake of our beloved city, please don't litter. 

Trail Head

2201 Barton Springs Road

The perfect place for a beginner to get going, this entrance of the Greenbelt is a relaxing hike known as the Trailhead of the Barton Creek Greenbelt. The start of the trail is flat and easily walkable, but make sure to be mindful of other hikers, especially ones walking with their dogs.

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1601 Spyglass Drive

Also known as the "Taco Deli" entrance, Spyglass is one of the most well-known Greenbelt access points with an abundance of street parking. Although this access point receives a lot of visitors, Spyglass can be a great spot for a morning meditation if you can wake up early enough.

Hiking north, you'll eventually find yourself at a popular swimming spot known as Campbell's Hole. However, if you head south, you'll find Enclave, one of the many climbing walls on the trail. If you're ambitious and want even more of a climbing challenge, keep heading further south until you get to Seismic Wall.

Barton Hills

2010 Homedale Drive

If you're looking to get to the east side of Campbell's Hole from this access point, your best option is to enter from Barton Hills Elementary School. Be conscious, however — parking is in a residential neighborhood. Head north until you hit the hole, and you'll find more hiking trails on the east side of the creek.

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Gus Fruh

2642 Barton Hills Drive

The access point to this swimming hole also happens to be located within a residential neighborhood. This swimming area is deeper than Campbell's Hole, and boasts a rope swing hidden in the trees that's perfect for swinging off into the cool water, where you can splash around and make nice with the furry friends that are also cooling off. You can also find climbing walls such as the Urban Assault south along the trail.

Loop 360

3755-B Capital of Texas Highway (Loop 360)

While this entrance can be quite confusing to maneuver, just be sure to turn at the light from your map's directions and you'll find yourself in a designated parking lot. The ground becomes rougher at this point on the trail, so watch out for mountain bikers. This access point is also the main entrance to a well-known climbing spot called Seismic Wall. 

Gaines/Twin Falls

3918 South Mopac Expressway

Beware – there's no parking lot here, but don't let that stop you from attempting to hike this tricky terrain that eventually leads to one of the most talked-about swimming holes: Twin Falls. Sometimes water levels are too low for visitors to swim, but for the majority of the year. the swimming holes are filled.

Because this access point is tricky to find, here's how it works: turn as if you're driving South on Mopac from Capital of Texas Highway, but remain on the feeder road (parallel to the highway). The access point is located just after the ramp – look for parked cars on the right, and the entrance should be right after the U-turn.

Trails End

1710 Camp Craft Road

This rocky access point is the end of the trail, hence its nickname. If you're into mountain biking, this is the trail for you. Hill of Life is a challenging uphill (or downhill) hike for bikers and runners alike, and it's worth it — you'll find Sculpture Falls swimming hole as the last stop on this route.

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