Every year around the end of fall, major food brands launch their holiday flavor collections. And while usually the combinations are pretty predictable, Krispy Kreme has managed to curate a fairly creative collection this year (or, at the very least, an amusing one). But if you're torn between the Santa Belly and the Ugly Sweater, here's how to follow your zodiac sign to pick the most fitting treat to try.

Pisces: Santa Belly Doughnut

Always full of imagination, a Pisces would be the one to figure out the perfect way to transport Santa onto a doughnut. With chocolate cream filling and an icing-crafted suit fit for sliding down chimneys, this doughnut is sure to satisfy your creative spirit.

Libra: Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles Doughnut

Libras are known for seeking peace and cooperation with stylish grace. A clean, beautifully crafted holiday classic like this one, carefully sprinkled with festive holiday sprinkles, embodies your calming and consistent presence perfectly.

Aquarius: Ugly Sweater Doughnut

You're innovative, forward thinking, and full of energy. What better way to challenge these strengths than into converting the most festive, playful holiday trend into an over-the-top doughnut masterpiece? Go ahead and indulge in this tasty version of the ugly sweater trend, decorated with confetti and reindeer and penguin candy pieces. Maybe you'll even feel inspired to add your own sprinkle elements.

Scorpio: Frozen Peppermint Mocha

Intense and focused, your Scorpio brain knows exactly what it wants and is sure to find a way to make that happen. This seemingly contradictory combination of cozy, cold-weather-ready peppermint flavor and Frappuccino-esque ice blending is exactly what you're looking for. Doesn't matter if its snowing, you want your frozen peppermint mocha—and you'll get it.

Taurus: Holiday Plaid Doughnut

You're a provider. You like to enjoy earthly pleasures, just as long as they're replicable and consistent. And this twist on the original glazed doughnut, decorated in a fun red and green plaid design, is a perfect crowd pleaser—which makes its perfect for you, too.

Sagittarius: Chocolate Glazed Doughnut

You like to take risks, dream big, and aim for the impossible. So every time you go into a doughnut store and they tell you they don't sell doughnuts made with chocolate cake and chocolate icing, you only become more determined to find this elusive combination. And now, for a limited time, it finally exists.

Gemini: Pumpkin Spice Cake Doughnut

Yeah, maybe pumpkin spice has become the epitome of basicness. But it only became that popular because it's a wonderfully versatile flavor, and your versatility is also what makes you popular (along with being the life-of-the-party), so this doughnut is a perfect fit. And who cares what those other people say anyways, they're just jealous.

Aries: Salted Caramel Latte Doughnut

You're a fearless pioneer, constantly putting yourself out there and facing judgment as it comes. An unconventional flavor like this one (is it a drink? a dessert? who knows?) is perfect for you, with its espresso cream filling, salted caramel icing, and salted sugar blend sprinkled on top.

Virgo: Hot Peppermint Mocha

Virgos are known for being a great support system—prioritizing the wellbeing of those they care about, the space around them, and themselves. This cozy, comforting winter combination of  espresso, dark chocolate and peppermint flavors, whipped cream, and mini chocolate chips is perfect for you, your best friend, and whoever else you're buying a pick-me-up for that day.

Cancer: S'mores Hot Chocolate

You love tradition, and the best holiday activity you can think of is curling up with your family around a fire singing carols and watching festive movies. So this combination of the two most classic fireplace treats (hot chocolate and s'mores) is perfect for your next night in.

Capricorn: Original Glazed Doughnut

A classic Capricorn values the power of structure, long-term planning, and consistency. So, obviously, you tried a glazed doughnut one time many years ago and decided to stick with it forever. No need to mess with a good thing, right?

Leo: Only Artisanal Doughnuts

As a Leo, you wear your heart on your sleeve and demand the best for yourself and those you love. Your regal existence simply doesn't need to stoop low enough to consume Krispy Kreme doughnuts, or any other mainstream brand for that matter. A doughnut is only meant to be indulged in its most extravagant, artistic form. And with artisanal donut shops popping up all over the country, you get enough of your sugar fix without this big brand silliness.

If you're on the cusp of multiple zodiac signs like I am, the safest bet is to probably get several doughnuts. Or you could just buy one of each treat and share with your friends. Regardless, Krispy Kreme's holiday menu is a fun way to satisfy your sweet tooth in a festive way.