Let's start off with a round of applause to those who gave Veganuary a shot. I know I am a little bit biased, but plant-based eating is one of the best ways to help your body, minimize your harm to the planet, and show with your actions and food choices that you do not support animal cruelty. Simply being aware that what you put in your body affects not only your well-being but so much more around you is a notable achievement. 

I accredit the blogs and influencers I have followed religiously since the start of my vegan journey for keeping me motivated and inspired on this animal product-less path.

I put together an article last year about the best vegan blogs you need to be following, so you could call this a part two, a continuation of the veggie saga. I've found some more great resources in the past few months, so here's a guide if you want to further pursue your veggie goals.

BLOGS (psst, click on the name of the blog to be directed to the blog itself)

Pick Up Limes:

Creator Sadia Badiei shares plant-based recipes and encourages viewers and readers to "live a wholesome life." Her vegan food is crafted mindfully, and she has a beautiful and drool-worthy Instagram feed where she shares her recipes. Her Youtube channel is one of the resources I always recommend to people for family-size dinners. She does lots of budget-friendly recipes to feed 2-4 people. Definitely a favorite of mine.

Jaclyn Forbes

Jaclyn Forbes creates 'What I Eat In A Day' Youtube videos by sharing her realistic meals throughout a day. Her down-to-earth personality, easy-to-follow recipes and creative food ideas provoke great responses from her fans and viewers. A gal with a positive mindset and an eye for a good bite of food... what a great influencer to keep up with!

Madeleine Olivia

Focusing on sustainability and living mindfully, Madeleine shares simple recipes to reduce food waste and use up all the contents of your fridge. She, in fact, recently came out with a book focusing on the aforementioned topics. Her one pot meal idea videos are my fave.


The bundle.co released quite the offer at the start of the New Year: 60+ e-books about food, fitness, gut health, personal hygiene, and more. The bundle was an agreement from tons of online creators, and the total price for ALL the e-books was a mere $50. If you are struggling for inspiration and need some guidance in any aspect of your life, this bundle will undoubtedly give you the inspo you're looking for. Whether you're going straight vegan or just trying to incorporate some more plant-based meals into your weeks (hello, Meatless Monday!), this bundle is one you shouldn't pass up. 


I'm the kind of person who searches up a restaurant menu on the drive over and plans out the food itinerary when traveling to a new place. But if you aren't, some apps/websites that may help you find plant-based and vegan-conscious restaurants in your area are:

Happy Cow


Is it Vegan? scanner app

Veganagogo (great for travel)


No one seems to be concerned about how much protein you are consuming until you decide to go vegan. Its so true when you think about it, right?!

Remember, as long as you are eating a varied diet and getting enough calories to fuel your body, you are most likely to be getting enough protein, regardless of the discouragement for mainstream meat-promoting companies. 

Let me include, while we're at it, a quick crash-course in proteins:

The building block of proteins are amino acids, one of the macromolecules that you learn about in your everyday biology class. "Complete" proteins contain all nine essential amino acids. Most plant-based proteins don't contain all nine, but as mentioned above, if you eat a varied diet, you will cover all your bases. Quinoa is an example, however, of a complete protein that is suitable for vegans. 

I've attached a list of proteins suitable for vegans and some speakers and article that support these ideas. 





Hemp seeds (3T=10g protein)

Soy milk


Nuts/nut butters

Protein powder (some favorites are Trader Joe's pea protein and Raw Meal)

Influencers who speak about the topic: Ellen Fisher, Miles Kasiri, Pineapples and Sunshine (article below) :https://pineapplesandsunshine.com/how-to-get-enough-protein-as-a-vegan/


I hope this article gave you some guidance and some motivation to continue your plant-based journey. While a vegan diet may not be suitable for everyone due to health complications or cultural reasons, it's important to at least acknowledge the benefits that eating plant-based whole foods can have on your body and your environment.