This summer, my cousin invited my entire family to his side of the world, to join in the celebration and be reunited with my extended family. He got married in Connecticut and my parents thought of a fabulous idea to take my sisters and me on a tour of New England. My family of foodies had to travel to Rhode Island and Massachusetts to get the full experience and try as many lobster rolls as possible. My parents spent countless hours researching and talking to our family and friends to find the best spots. Shocker, we found them!  We hit the most unique restaurants and I am here to report back with my taste bud's opinion. As I reminisce over all my pictures of food here at the Boston airport, I have narrowed down my personal favorite places as well as the best dishes to order. 

1. Union Oyster House       

Rachel Hurvitz

Union Oyster House was our first stop and it did not disappoint. Being the oldest restaurant in Boston, the design and decor of the restaurant matched the so-called age and area in Boston. My parents love oysters and had to indulge. They ordered a dozen of the finest oysters and they reported back that they loved them and the sauces were spectacular too. We also enjoyed scrod fish, shrimp cocktail, and a seafood medley which is synonymous with cioppino. My sisters and I ordered the clam chowder to start. It was creamy and rich. Everything I wanted after a long day of traveling.  

2. Mike's Pastry

Mike's Pastry is a world-renowned pastry shop located in Boston. I scroll on social media constantly and have seen pictures all over the internet, so I had to stop in the shop. The atmosphere in the shop was very quaint and filled with hungry people. My sisters and I surveyed each pastry and decided on cannolis, cookies and a lobster tail. A lobster tail is a flaky pastry stuffed with delicious cream...YUM!!

3. Neptune Oyster Bar 

Rachel Hurvitz

Neptune Oyster Bar was number one on our list of places not to miss.  The restaurant was tiny. My family of five could barely move and the weather was not up to par with our Arizona bodies. There was lots of rain and it was cold.  Luckily, we only had to wait about fifteen minutes for a table which is unheard of at a restaurant with only six or seven tables and a small wrap around bar. The food was fresh and delicious. The secret to getting a spot is to get there as early as possible. We ordered the Yellowfin "Coyne" Crostini which is pictured above, as well as clam chowder and a Maine lobster roll.

4. All Star Pizza

Our last day in the Boston area was packed with activities and we were exhausted at the end of the day. My family wanted to have a chill dinner. We decided to order in. We heard great things about Reginas Pizzeria, but we wanted to go somewhere we could just pick up. We found a spot walking distance from our Airbnb in Cambridge. We ordered one large cheese pizza. It was like New York pizza... light, cheesy, crispy crust and delicious! I definitely recommend it. 

5. Alden & Harlow

I wanted to make sure to see Harvard University on this trip. As I go to the Harvard of the West (University of Arizona), I had to see the sister school. We ate at a small place in Cambridge that serves small plates located a hop, skip and a jump from Harvard. My family ordered about ten dishes because we always like to try everything. My top five were the; Local Burrata, Braised Featherbrook Rabbit, Dandelion and Ricotta Ravioli, Hot Smoked Steelhead Trout and the New York strip. Unfortunately, my family did not get to try the secret burger which is limited edition. Alden & Harlow only makes 30 a day. Go when it opens!  Each dish was better than the next and they were each so diverse and  interesting. Click on Alden and Harlow to see the full menu and the description for each of the dishes. 

6. Red 36       

My mom's goal of this entire trip was to find the best lobster roll in New England. My mom ordered one at every place, at least it felt like it. On day two in Connecticut, we discovered the best one at Red 36. The restaurant was beautiful. It was very beachy and it was located on the harbor in Mystic. It reminded me of Cape Cod. If the weather is nice, I recommend sitting outside on the beautiful plush chairs overlooking the harbor while people watching. We enjoyed the lobster roll as well as a lobster grilled cheese which was unreal. The buttery bread was stuffed with cheese, avocado, and a ton of crab

I hope you feel inspired to book an Airbnb in the New England area and follow my food tour, your tummy will thank you. Enjoy!