Yelp is a site with a mobile app in which we all flock to for reviews on a particular restaurant, salon, or bar. Just like the other sites and mobile apps, regular updates are made not only for improvement reasons but so that new features could be implemented. On this note, Yelp just released their new 'Popular Dishes' feature this morning, and here's what you need to know.

What's this feature all about?

Yelp's new 'Popular Dishes' feature is here to help make going out with friends and family less stressful. Sometimes, you just don't know what the actual heck to order, which is perfectly fine since it happens to everyone, including myself. The goal of Yelp's new feature is to suggest the most popular dishes at the restaurant that you're at for you to order for when the menu is either too long or has an excess of scrumptious options to select from.

How does it work?

In case you're wondering, here's how the 'Popular Dishes' feature works. Regardless of if you're searching on Yelp's website in advance or using Yelp's app IRL at the restaurant (downloadable for iOS here and for Andriod here), you'll need to have either the website or app open and in front of your gorgeous eyes.

Once the above has been completed, search for the place that you're going to or at, depending on when the search is being conducted. Once the page has loaded, you'll scroll right past the 'share this business' section of the page and an array of popular dishes along with their photos will appear. After this, if you're in the mood for more specific on these popular dishes, you'll then click/tap on where it says 'popular dishes,' and then you'll be transported to a page where you'll not only see images of the dishes, but you'll receive prices and descriptions for each and every dish. Score.

What's an example of this?

Liz Abere

A perfect example of this would be from their event that they had in New York last week on June 13th, 2018. Using their new feature, Yelp hosted a private event featuring restaurants with some of the most popular dishes in New York.

At the event, there were donuts from Underwest Donuts, cake and cake balls from Flourshop, mini marshmallow donuts from Squish Marshmallows, unicorn ice cream from Taiyaki, and a mini buffet from Sweet Chick consisting of chicken sliders, bacon sliders, mac n cheese, and cornbread. A bar was also available, with options ranging from cocktails to wine. All of the food was absolutely phenomenal, not to mention popular.

I must say, Flourshop came in clutch with their cake, as shown below:

Liz Abere

If you're wondering, the cake did indeed 'explode' open with sprinkles and gumballs when it was initially cut open. Have I seen something more gorgeous in my entire life? No.

Also, Underwest's 'Car Wash' donut was the perfect combo between flavor and texture, and laid beautifully with all of the other donuts:

Liz Abere

My only thoughts while consuming these donuts were "why am I just trying these out now?" and "where have these been my whole life?" 

Taiyaki's unicorn ice cream in a fish cone was incredibly soft, and the hint of red bean paste didn't fail to be a pleasant surprise: 

Liz Abere

Yes, the ice cream started melting all over my hands right after I took that pic. Yes, the ice cream was as delicious as it looks, and yes, the cone was very soft.

Finally on the list was Sweet Chick's mini buffet:

Liz Abere

The chicken sliders were to die for. The mini buns weren't too fluffy, and the actual chicken itself had a little 'kick' to it.

Not only would I like to thank Yelp for having me at their event, but I would also highly recommend checking out the new 'Popular Dishes' feature that Yelp has to offer. They're just trying to help you decide what to eat so that you're not hangry; that's all.