Hands down, Siggi's is my favorite brand of yogurt. Siggi's yogurt has more protein and less sugar than other yogurt brands, which makes it so much healthier. Siggi's also contains active cultures, which break down lactose. Therefore, those who can't have dairy can still enjoy any flavor. After I eat Siggi's, I don't have that weird pain in my stomach that I get with other yogurt brands. There are too many of Siggi's flavors to try, but I'm slowly crossing each one off the list. Of all of the flavors that I have tried, these are the best of the best. 

8. Plain

I will always have a massive sweet tooth, but the plain flavor deserves a spot on my list. Plain is the perfect canvas for anything you would want to make. Most recently, I have used it to make a lemon garlic dip for veggies. Sweet or savory, your options with classic plain Siggi's are endless. 

#SpoonTip: Make the lemon garlic dip and use it as a spread on your favorite sandwich if you're sick of mayo. 

7. Coconut

I'm an advocate for coconut-flavored foods, and Siggi's Coconut is no exception. I enjoy my coconut yogurt on toast or parfaits. It's only low on this list because I often have to add other ingredients to it. However, it still beats any other coconut yogurt that I've tried. 

6. Blueberry

Out of the classic yogurt flavors, this is my least favorite, but it's still rich, creamy, and irresistible. It has a mild blueberry flavor and isn't too sweet.

5. Strawberry 

Strawberry is one of my favorite flavors of Siggi's yogurt. This yogurt has a super soft strawberry flavor. I kind of wish the flavor was stronger, though. However, at least when I eat Siggi's Strawberry, I never get that sickly sweet aftertaste.

4. Raspberry

I love Siggi's Raspberry because it has a more intense flavor than the strawberry. I love it on top of pancakes or in smoothies. Sometimes, I even eat it for dessert. 

3. Mixed Berries and Acai

This is one of the most unique flavor of Siggi's. It reminds me of an acai bowl, but without the super cold smoothie. It's the perfect combo of tangy, sweet, and refreshing. 

2. Pumpkin and Spice

I didn't think a spicy yogurt would be a good idea, but boy, was I wrong. This yogurt makes the perfect treat on a cold day. Sadly, this is a seasonal flavor, so stock up and freeze some in the fall months. 

1. Vanilla

Vanilla will always be the best yogurt because it is the most versatile. Usually, I use it to make parfaits, froyo, and as a pancake toppings. It's also a lovely addition to poached fruit, smoothies, and even baked goods. 

If Siggi's is not in your life already, head to the store and pick up a flavor that screams you. But why try just one flavor when you can try them all?