Larabars—the perfect grab and go snack. The date and nut base of these bars makes for a quick and filling treat in between meals or after a workout. They're healthy, simple, and, for the most part delicious. I reach for one almost every day. However, I definitely have strong opinions on which flavors are the best.  So here are my rankings of every Larabar Flavor from worst to best. 

22. Cashew Cookie

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I find this flavor to be simply so incredibly bland and unappealing. I tried Cashew Cookie once and never revisited because it simply tastes like nothing. It is mildly sweet, but that's all—is really missing some oomph. 

21. Carrot Cake

I was really excited to try this flavor. However, after a bite, I got super disappointed. Overall, like cashew cookie, it just doesn't have a lot of flavor. Plus, my favorite part of carrot cake has always been the cream cheese frosting, and it was missing here.

20. Cherry Pie

When I first bit into the Cherry Pie flavor, my mouth was filled with tartness. Usually, Larabars are relatively sweet because of their date base. Cherry pie, however, deviates. For me, it is simply too tart to be enticing. 

19. Key Lime Pie

If you are a fan of Key Lime Pie, you'd probably love this flavor because it does taste pretty similar to the classic pie dessert. However, I am simply just not a fan of the pie or this flavor, which is why it lands number 19 on my list.

18. Cinnamon Roll 

Honestly, this bar isn't too bad, but the cinnamon flavor is just a bit to overpowering for me. I occasionally enjoy small bites of this one. But, let's be real, everyone's favorite part about a cinnamon roll is the frosting not the actual cinnamon flavor.

17. Coconut Cream Pie

As you'd expect, this bar tastes like coconut through and through. Coconut combined with the dates in the bar creates a really sweet flavor, with nothing to balance it out, so it becomes overpowering. While I can deal with a bit of coconut flavor, I need it to be a supporting player rather than the star. 

16. Chocolate Coconut Chew

Like the Coconut Cream Pie, There isn't a great balance between the flavors. Instead of complementing one another, both the chocolate and coconut flavors basically blend together to create a mix mash of flavors that doesn't really taste like anything. 

15. Chocolate Chip Brownie 

I tried this and just felt indifferent about it. Yes, it tastes like chocolate, but there isn't really anything to differentiate it from the other flavors. This flavor needs something else to make it stand out.

14. Almond Butter Chocolate Chip 

In my opinion, this flavor is okay, but the addition of apples is just completely random. I simply cannot get behind it, especially when compared to other wonderful nutty/chocolate combinations that Larabar has.

13. Apple Pie

This flavor is a lot of peoples' favorites, so I know this ranking placement might get some backlash. To be clear, I don't think apple pie is an inherently bad flavor. I would definitely eat it in a pinch, but, similar to the cinnamon roll bar, the cinnamon flavor is too strong for me. 

12. Pecan Pie

I was expecting to hate this flavor because I don't really enjoy Pecan Pie. But to my surprise, it was pretty good. It's a perfect mix between sweet and nutty with a kick from that classic pecan flavor. 

11. Blueberry Muffin

After my experience with Cherry Pie, I was worried when I reached for Blueberry Muffin, but Larabar got this one just right. It had a sweet flavor, but there was still a tartness from the blueberries that added a nice extra element. 

10. Lemon Bar

Although Lemon not the first Larabar I would choose, it's definitely good enough to make it to the top ten. This flavor has the perfect sweet, tart, lemony flavor you might expect from a lemon square, making it a yummy classic.

9. Banana Chocolate Chip 

Overall, this is a solid flavor. It taste fairly similar to Larabar's banana bread flavor. My only critique is that (surprisingly) the chocolate chips detract from the overall quality of this bar, distracting from the banana bread flavor.

8. Banana Bread

This one is a classic. This flavor tastes just like banana bread, which makes this bar is absolutely amazing because, let's face it, all banana bread is good banana bread. 

7. Chocolate Covered Almond

This one is super yummy. This bar tastes just like its name—chocolate covered almonds. So, if you are a fan of munching on those, I would recommend you give this a try. 

6. Peanut Butter Cookie

I'm obsessed with peanut butter, so it's pretty much a given that I will like any flavor including this ingredient. Peanut butter cookie pretty much just tastes like peanut butter, so if you are a fan of peanut butter (who isn't?) you'll enjoy this bar. 

5. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Who doesn't like chocolate chip cookie dough? It's the best flavor for satisfying midnight cravings or mending a broken heart. While this isn't the perfect imitation of everyones favorite midnight snack, it always satisfies my sweet-tooth (while still being a healthier alternative to the real thing). 

4. Coconut Chocolate Chip

So you know how I complained about the coconut flavors earlier? That critique does not apply here. This flavor is so extremely yummy. If you are a fan of coconut, you have to give this bar a try.

3. Mint Chip Brownie

This is simply an amazing flavor. Chocolate and mint is one of those flavor combinations that absolutely no one can resist.  This bar has the perfect mint to chocolate ratio, making it a timeless classic.

2. Peanut Butter and Jelly

This bar is wonderfully nostalgic. The nutty flavor from the peanut butter, the tartness from the cherries, and the sweetness from the dates make one of my all time Larabar flavors. 

1. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

This is hands-down the best Larabar flavor there is. I mean chocolate and peanut butter is the ultimate food combination. How could you go wrong?

So there you have it, all 22 Larabar flavors in a definitive list. Whether you try one bar or all of them, the wide range of flavors guarantee that there will be something for everyone. Next time you want a healthy and filling snack, reach for one of these Larabars.