We've all heard the term BYOB before, which is short for bring your own bottle. Some restaurants allow for such, while others have huge markups on bottle prices. When you're a broke college student or grad (like myself), sometimes, you just can't justify paying $44+ in a restaurant for a bottle that you swore you saw at the booze store for under $20. With that being said, popular booze delivery service, Drizly, just saved our cahoonies and delivered a list of the nation's top BYOB restaurants, so now we don't have to overpay to get drunk... or to day drink, if you're like me and enjoy doing such.

What's the tea?

The thing with Drizly is not only will they deliver booze to your door in under an hour, they also get that no one wants to pay absurd corkage fees or overpay for bottles; or go to a place that's BYOB only on certain nights and not all the time. Boo. Drizly is also the nation's leading online alcohol marketplace, and the nice thing is, they even have an option for in store pickup if you're just too antsy to stick around in your apartment for an entire hour.

When it comes to BYOB and Drizly here’s the list, in case you want to zap out of this article stat. Cities where the list applies to includes New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, Dallas, Austin, Seattle, Nashville, Miami, and New Orleans. To see each city's list, all you have to do is click on the city's name, and a list of BYOB restaurants will appear. A nice added feature is that Drizly places dollar signs next to each restaurant's name, so you know walking in if it's not going to break your bank account or if there's a high chance that it might break your bank account. Drizly also provides descriptions of each restaurant on their list for each city, so if you know you don't like a certain cuisine, you simply don't have to go to that specific BYOB restaurant. 

Tips and tricks for Drizly

First thing first, download the app, sign up for email notifications, and turn on notifications for the mobile app. By doing this, you're allowing yourself to receive exclusive deals that you might not have known about otherwise. Sometimes, Drizly likes throwing out $5 off coupon or free delivery coupons, so keep your eyes out. Another nice thing about Drizly is that they price compare bottle prices for each store to ensure that you're not getting completely jipped. Also, they rate how good each booze store is, so you can definitely trust where your booze is coming from and how much you're paying for it.

Being an adult is hard and sometimes, all you want to do is drink your feelings out. Just cause you want to do such doesn't mean that you have to overpay for fun, and Drizly gets that. Hopefully you'll check out their list of BYOB restaurants and get drunk wisely without breaking your bank account, since you shouldn't have to do such in order to have fun.