Located just thirty miles at sea, it's no surprise that Nantucket has some of the freshest seafood. Lo and behold, there's one delicacy that can be found all over Nantucket– lobster rolls. On this island, rolls are a good thing, but the amount of options can be overwhelming. So, here's the end-all, beat-all to the best lobster rolls in Nantucket.

1. Cru 

Emma Fein

If you think this view is beautiful, you should have seen my view of this in front of the water. This lobster roll comes on a warm, fluffy toasted brioche roll with lemon mayo and fine herbs. The lemon and sweet onions add a nice citrus, tangy flavor to compliment the lobster, and the crispy fries are an excellent side.

2. B-ACK Yard BBQ

Emma Fein

This lobster roll has succulent claws full of Nantucket Bay seasoning– a seasoning just as ambiguous as the Krabby Patty formula. The lobster roll is cold, and the juxtaposition of the warm bun is delectable. Along with the lobster roll, they have the best sides, including cheddar cornbread, house fries, pickled vegetables, and potato salad. Their mac and cheese even has crumbled goldfish– yes, goldfish. 

3. Nantucket Lobster Trap

This is my aunt's favorite because "you get a lot of tail and a great little crunch." It has a toasted Brioche bun, onions, celery, and fresh lemon. A quick pro tip is to squeeze the lemon on top. All of the crunchy flavors combine together for the perfect bite and all around perfect lobster roll.

4. Straight Wharf 

This is a classic lobster roll with a griddle brioche bun and house kettle chips. The move is to put the kettle chips on the sandwich– I promise you will not regret it. The pickles on the side also add for some nice crunch and flavor to the meal.

5. Dune

A fluffy poppy seed bun is a unique yet scrumptious bread to sandwich this lobster roll. It gives the poppy seed bagel a run for its money. With that being said, the poppy seed flavor makes this lobster roll the perfect fix for brunch, lunch, or even dinner. Also, the light mayo and scallions compliment the mouthwatering flavor of the lobster itself.

6. Brotherhood of Thieves

BLT? Yes please. With avocado and lobster, too? And curly fries? I thought things like this only existed in heaven. You may feel like you're cheating on the classic lobster roll, but with one bite, you'll see why this unique take on a lobster roll is absolutely welcomed.

7. Queequeg's

This is the holy grail of lobster rolls with less bun and more lobster. The crisp truffle fries and lobster roll are carefully cut and put together– and we all know that adding truffle takes any meal to the next level.

8. Topper's

This lobster roll takes me back to one of my favorite meals of my childhood– sloppy joes. Each bite is full of lobster oozing out from a soft, fluffy bun. Also, surprisingly, this lobster roll is gluten-free. That's right, gluten-free. To top it all off, their iced tea is a great go-to refreshment on a hot day. 

9. White Elephant

This resort on Nantucket has a great lobster roll with thick, crisp Italian bread and perfect scoops of lobster. The seasoning on top is absolutely exquisite with fresh dill, finely chopped celery, and cilantro. Their Bloody Mary's also have sticks of lobster in them– so if you need a nice boozy brunch, that's definitely the move.

10. Galley Beach

The sunset on the beach in and of itself is worth everything. This lobster roll has a nice ratio of lobster to buttered bun. The mayo and scallions on the potato salad coincide with that on the lobster roll for a holistic plate. This was one of the first restaurants I went to in Nantucket, and I still remember the lobster roll, sunset, and amazing memories with my family.

So, there you have it– the best lobster rolls in Nantucket. Make a bucket list and check each restaurant off. Sorry Larry the Lobster, but these lobster rolls are just too delicious to pass up.