We turn to wine sometimes when we're stressed, or whenever being an adult becomes too hard. The amount of places to consume wine is endless, but I'd like to mention the top 18 places to do it. In order to do this, you're going to need something like Bev, which is your up-and-coming friendly rosé in a can. You're also going to want to have a luxe eco-friendly comforter, like Buffy.

Let's get to the chase here; where and how should we consume our wine?

1. Laying or sitting on your bed

Sometimes, your bed is the only thing that gets you. It's where you sleep, watch Netflix, and where you probably do most of your procrastination. Having to get up to constantly pour yourself some wine out of a hard-to-open bottle can become tedious, which is where canned wine comes into play. Go ahead and consume wine, curl up with your comforter, and relax.

2. Hiding in your closet in odd positions

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Most of us (including myself) spend way too much time picking an outfit to either go out, impress any pets in the household, or just to get changed so your roommate(s) think that you're somewhat human. Given that life is a major challenge, double fist with two cans of wine to help you get through your day and power through picking out your outfit.

3. Sitting on your bedroom floor with crossed legs

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Sometimes, chairs are overrated, and your bed seems too far away. Your bed can't bend down to pick you up, nor do you want to get up to go to it. Your bedroom floor is the perfect place to consume wine, not only because you have the option of either sitting or laying down, but you'll always have a place to put your wine.

4. Camouflaging yourself with your table

Almost everyplace you're in has a table. There's a table in your apartment (presumably), at work, in restaurants, in colleges worldwide, and in most public spaces. Consuming wine underneath a table is the perfect option, not only if you're trying to hide from the rest of the universe, but also if you really don't want others seeing that you have wine. Bring a pillow or two with your blanket and wine, and you'll be all set for a nap... or five. 

5. Sitting comfortably on your windowsill

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We're human; we need air. While I can't explain the scientific reasoning, this article sure can. Given that having to go outside from time to time is a struggle, open up your window, sit on the windowsill, and drink some wine. Besides, you can always bring your comforter over to the windowsill with you if you ever get too cold... or you could close the window, but that requires effort.

6. Positioning yourself oddly on the couch

In those rare instances where you've ventured out of your bedroom and out to the couch to interact with your roommates or with friends, not only should we applaud you for leaving your bedroom, but you should reward yourself with some wine. Talking to others sometimes is a challenge, and if wine helps, then so be it.

7. Sitting underneath your television

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Sometimes, you just want to watch the television that you have but never seem to use. While this is fine, your television's volume might not be working so well that day -- or, you want to be real close to see what's on, so you sit right under your television to do such. Consume some wine there, not only because you can, but because you're going to get thirsty while watching your show.

8. Hiding out in your shower/bathtub

Sometimes, you just need to let out a good cry without talking to other humans about what's been bothering you. When words can't describe how you're feeling, wine can. It fills the void of trying to get through to people without having to bang your head against a wall when you think they're not hearing you out.

9. Sitting in an actual park

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Chances are, you've been to a park at some point in your life. It's where parties, picnics, and events take place, and where people go to exercise outdoors. It can never hurt to drink wine outside; especially if it's part of a picnic. Given that most glass bottles are forbidden from most parks, canned wine would be the best alternative to solve all of your wine dilemmas. 

10. Camping out in your building's lobby

There's probably been a time when you've waited too long for the elevator to show up, or when the staircase was too crowded (if you live in a walk-up). Both things are way too stressful to tolerate, which is where you'll consume wine by pulling out a can from your bag. You might as well be stocked up at all times since you never know when you'll be camping out in the lobby.

11. Laying or sitting on a bench

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Benches are everywhere—at parks, bus stops, beaches, pathways, and on college campuses worldwide. Sometimes, you're alone, which has the potential to be extremely isolating; however, life doesn't have to be this way with wine in your hand. Just put it in a bag or in any of your pockets, and you'll be good to go.

12. Sitting on the grass giggling

Picnics are fun and often take place on the grass. If you can somehow manage to meal prep or whatever and prepare for the picnic without getting stressed out, teach me your ways we drink together.

13. Preserving your floor over a sink

Sometimes, there's just a lot of wine to drink, which is never a bad thing. However, if you're clumsy and are blessed with the talent of constantly tripping over things and dropping things, you might want to drink your wine over a sink to avoid spilling it all over the floor for you to later slip on.

14. Dancing atop of a roof

Just think of how nice it would be to have a view as you drink wine. It'll make for super cute Insta pics, and not only that, but you'll be getting some fresh air.

15. Laying on the beach

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A common thing that people do when they're at the beach is camp out there all day. They're usually the ones with the radios, food, booze, coolers, buckets, shovels, towels, sunscreen, and the whole nine yards.

If you're one who brings a cooler with you to the beach or someone who will bring a cooler to the beach with you after reading this article, throw some wine in there.

16. Sitting or standing on a bus or train

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While this might be a little bit harder to do in general, I believe in you. Try to disguise your wine in a water bottle of some sort for easy traveling. And don't try to share—especially with strangers.

17. Gossiping at your friend's place

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Drinking alone may be lame, but it's something that we've all done before. If you're in dire need of a girl's night with wine, head over to your friend's place with some wine and share a comforter. It never hurts to drink and cuddle with your friend as you both moarn over the current state of your lives.

18. Obsessing over dogs at a dog park

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Don't challenge me on the fact that there's just something about staring at puppies that's incredibly therapeutic, despite your current mood. Why not have some wine as you stare at the puppies that you wish you were taking home with you that day? You're already semi-relaxed, so you might as well be fully relaxed.

The art of consuming wine is a beautiful thing. There's no right or wrong way to do it -- just suggestions of what you could do before making it your own. After it's all said and done, the only thing that matters is that the wine that you've consumed is now in your body to give you a nice big hug; so go ahead -- hug it back while getting comfy.