Meat-lovers everywhere can't seem to get bacon out of their minds, or stomachs. Any non-vegetarian can agree that any dish accented with bacon has dimensions of flavor and texture that truly elevate the dish.

Now, as the holiday season is approaching, let bacon inspire your gift-giving to your meat-loving friends and family. 

1. Bacon Phone Cases 

Bacon and fried eggs are the perfect pair. Add them to your phone with this phone case and you might have the perfect trio of all your favorites.

Or, how about a phone case with a printed picture of crispy, glistening bacon that reminds you how utterly photogenic bacon is?

2. Bacon Hats

A subtle way to declare your love for bacon and eggs with style. Who knew bacon and eggs looked so good with baby blues?

Feeling patriotic? God Bless America and God Bless Bacon. 

3. Bacon Scarf

Crafted with love for true bacon lovers. The floral-like egg detailing is absolutely to fry for.

4. Bacon Accessories

Talk about food in your hair. Why didn't we realize bacon is the perfect hair accessory sooner? Bow down to bacon.

Or, pin it close to your heart. A bacon accessory you can add to any outfit.

5. Bacon Sweatshirt

For those whose love for bacon is never restrained. With this sweatshirt, bacon love can truly keep you warm at night. 

6. Bacon Shirt

These shirts pretty much sum up the life and thoughts of bacon-aholics everywhere.

7. Bacon Socks

For those trying to dress head-to-toe in bacon or just keep their toes warm with bacon love.

8. Bacon Apron

An apron with stripes of bacon to stylishly shield you from bacon grease when you are cooking bacon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

9. Bacon Keychains

Spice up your keychain collection with this cute and Kawaii bacon keychain and egg keychain pairing.

And this keychain looks like it came straight off the frying pan. The realistic detailing makes it look so tempting.

10. Bacon Cookbooks

Use these cookbooks for inspiration on how to keep your love of bacon growing and flourishing.