Are you sick? That sucks. Seriously, I'm really sorry to hear that. What's wrong? Actually, don't even answer me because no matter what it is, I've got the cure for you. If you're a student at the University of Alabama, and you need a feel good fix and fast, I've got you covered. Believe me when I say that after three years in Tuscaloosa, I have been there and done that, so please let me shine my wisdom down on you like the angel that I am. You're welcome.

Stomach Ache 

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Molly Walsh

 Whether or not stomach aches are a typical ailment for you to overcome, we all get them, and they stink like rotten eggs. They can stem from a variety of sources such as a virus, cramping or accidentally ingesting cheese when you are highly lactose intolerant (that happens to me more than I would like to admit). A tried-and-true cure for a stomach ache is ginger. When I would get sick as a kid, my parents would stock up on Ginger Ale because it's the secret ingredient to help your digestive system get back on track.

If you're feeling queasy, I would highly recommend getting a Detox Island Green Smoothie from Tropical Smoothie on McFarland. It's made with spinach, kale, mango, pineapple, banana and ginger. The super foods in it such as spinach and kale will help rid your body of any virus or sickness and the ginger will sooth your stomach in the mean time. 


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Ana Cvetkovic

Colds are inevitable in college. Inevitable. Everyone lives in close quarters, and germs can spread like wildfire while we share bathrooms, classrooms and whatever else. If your roommate gets sick, there's like a 46,000% chance you will catch whatever they've got. I sometimes feel defeated when I have a cold because all I want to do is skip that computer science class and stay in bed with season 5 of Gilmore Girls and some nice fuzzy socks. 

If you're looking to heal your mind and body, then the move is to go to Panera at Midtown and order their Cheddar Broccoli soup in a bread bowl. Pair that with a hot Green Tea to soothe the sore throat I know you have. Not only that but green tea contains so many antioxidants and nutrients that your body needs while it's sick so you can thank me later for this one. In addition to the tea, the hot soup will also comfort your throat and your soul all at once. Bless up. 

Head Ache

After a full day of staring at bright screens on our phones and laptops, head aches can happen on almost a regular basis. On top of taking notes, we have to deal with work, professors and roommates all while running on lack of sleep. An old trick that my friend's dad taught me in high school was to go to a drive-thru or anywhere with fountain soda and get a fountain Coke. I'm a big fan of diet coke which can be found at almost every drive through in Tuscaloosa. If you're a Cherry Coke kind of person I recommend going to Moe's on the strip or Chick-fil-A in the Ferguson Center, but the Chick-fil-A drive through on McFarland won't have it. Don't get it twisted. Headaches can be caused from high or low blood pressure, and personally, all of mine come from not eating on time or not drinking enough water because I'm a busy bee. A soda full of sodium and caffeine can make your headache disappear in an hour. I think the fountain thing is just because it tastes better, so fountain or bottled is technically your call. Fountain is better though, just saying.


Hangovers are the worst, and yet, we accept them as a part of our lives because they come about as often as your squad does. We're a bunch of students out here trying to go to school, pay bills, have a social life and get a job someday. Weekends are the time for us students to relax and have fun. This is the perfect cure for you when fun turns into too much fun, and you hate yourself and everything around you on Sunday morning. Even if it's a Tuesday morning, this one's for you, kid. 

A hangover is basically your body telling you that it is extremely dehydrated. Alcohol will do that to you. What you need to replenish yourself is to honestly some sort of pub fries. Quick Grill has the coveted and popular messy fries, but a gem is Innisfree's Pub Fries. The salt in the fries will help your body hydrate again because salt holds liquids in your body. Why do you think you feel bloated after all those McDonald's runs? The cheese and ranch of the fries are more to comfort yourself. Be sure to drink tons of water and Gatorade to replenish the electrolytes you probably lost somewhere between the pregame and the bar. 

The next time you fall ill in Tuscaloosa there's no need to run home or side track your life, fight it off with the tools you have access to. By tools I mean food. Nom nom away, my friends.