Whether you're studying for finals, midterms, or just trying to get some homework done, I can bet you need a bit of a break. One of the best ways to procrastinate and give your brain some well needed rest is by feasting your eyes on some cooking shows. While this may make you hop in the kitchen and procrastinate even further, it's totally worth it. 

Binging With Babish

If you also procrastinate by watching movies and shows, you'll probably recognize some of the recipes Babish cooks. In short clips, he recreates crazy recipes from popular films. A great way to maximize your procrastination is to go through his channel and watch every video featuring a recipe from a show or movie you've seen.

You Suck at Cooking

Although this channel isn't necessarily for the "advanced" chef, it's perfect for anyone who would rather crack up than crack open that math textbook. These youtube clips are short, and great for anyone with a satirical sense of humor. It's definitely not your staged, TV-type cooking show. 

Gordon Ramsay

I think we're all pretty well acquainted with this guy. If you can't convince yourself to watch a whole episode of Hell's Kitchen or Kitchen Nightmares, his youtube channel is the perfect way to get your fill of his British accent and his overly passionate and aggressive cooking style. (Get ready for a lot of "oohs" and "ahhs".)

Sarah's Vegan Kitchen

Looking for some quick vegan meals so you can save time and study? This is the channel for you. If you're actually serious about saving time, maybe watching countless youtube videos to find that perfect three minute recipe isn't for you. It's worth it in my opinion though!


Need a quick study break? A lot of videos on this channel are less than a minute, which means you should watch multiple. You know how it goes, start with three and next thing you know you've fifty videos deep and definitely past the "return to study" point!


Ok, so this channel is a little cheesy, but who doesn't love that every once in a while. Instead of watching trendy food videos on instagram, make it last longer by watching these! From giant Reese's Cups to Oreo Pancakes, you'll be drooling in no time.

My Virgin Kitchen

If you're looking for some actual cooking inspo and a little bit of humor, Virgin Kitchen is the way to go. He's a go with the flow chef, just like you and your study habits. His easy to follow recipe videos give you another great excuse to procrastinate.

Bon Appetit

Studying is a great time to wonder how to make coconut cream pie with four types of coconut, or how to butcher a pig. Obviously, you can't find the value of x when you have such crucial thoughts rushing through your mind. Get all your questions answered on this channel, and watch kids try 100 years of party food while you're at it because well, kids are cute. 

Buzzfeed Worth It

Ok so I may have stretched the term "cooking show" with this addition, but chances are if you like watching shows about people making food, you'll like shows about people eating food. I don't know about you, but I definitely want to know the difference between $2 and $2000 pizza.

Somewhere I read that you can really only productively study for about 30 minutes at a time. This means you have the perfect excuse to go watch some cooking shows instead. Not convinced? Justify your binge watching by telling yourself it's educational. (It's not a lie!)