Sometimes, cooking for myself is the last thing I want to do. Coming home from a long day, I want to sink into the couch and have a full meal magically appear in front of me. When I do attempt to cook, it can feel like I'm spending hours preparing food that will take me 10 minutes to devour, and who wants to do all that work for such little payoff?  

My love for Amazon lead me to stumble upon these unique kitchen gadgets that act like a loophole for adulting, taking tedious tasks and making them quick and manageable. Becoming a master chef just got a little easier.

1. Rooster Spoon Holder

Photo courtesy of Amazon

This little rooster is just as cute as he is functional. Made of silicon, this spoon holder stays cool while keeping the mess off your counter when you’re getting saucy in the kitchen. 

Price: $4.70 at

2. Clip and Drain

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Photo courtesy of Amazon

In college, spaghetti is a staple food. Honestly, it makes up about 100% of my diet. As simple as this dish can be, it leaves a thick residue on strainers, making them a pain to clean. This clips directly to the side of your saucepan, eliminating the need to remove the noodles from the pan and painstakingly cleaning the grates of your strainer afterwards.  

Price: $13.99 at

3. Silicone Sink Strainer

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Lets face it, college kids are messy. Sometimes the sink fills with leftover food, threatening to be clogged. The sink strainer from OXO keeps the mess from jamming your kitchen pipes, while also saving the occasional shot glass from obliteration in the garbage disposal.  

Price: $7.99 at

4. 4-in-1 Jar Opener

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Trying to pry open a new jar can be frustrating, sometimes impossible even. This 4-in-1 jar opener can grip virtually any size lid and open them with ease; everything from pesky pickle jars to cracking open a fresh beer.  

Price: $6.39 at

5. Classic Chrome Heavyweight Can Opener

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Always butcher the top of the can with the traditional opener? Just feeling too lazy to turn the crank? Then this automatic can opener is a godsend. Just press one button and, viola! Your can is open and you barely had to lift a finger. 

Price: $21.81 at

6. 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

Love avocados but hate preparing them? This tool is perfect for fueling our collective avocado obsession. You can cut, pit, and slice all with one tool. Now, you can get those Instagram perfect slices for your avocado toast.

Price: $9.95 at

7. 4-in-1 Utility Knife

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Photo courtesy of Amazon

Imagine being able to chop meat and vegetables with the same ease as slicing through wrapping paper. With this knife-scissors hybrid, now you can. For clumsy and lazy chefs alike, these make it incredibly easy to get precise and clean cuts while avoiding chopping off a fingertip.   

Price: $12.99 at

8. Salad Cutter Bowl

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Chopping ingredients individually can be tedious, especially if you’re making a salad for one. With this bowl, just toss in your ingredients whole and slice through the pre-made slots to cut everything all at once. In just one effortless step, you have a fully prepared salad.       

Price: $10.99 at

9. Presto Poplite

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Photo courtesy of Amazon

Want fresh popcorn but don’t want to break out the pan and hot oil? Simply drop the kernels inside the machine and watch as the cylinder erupts with fresh and fluffy popcorn. In just minutes, you have a buttery bowl filled to the brim, ready for your next Netflix binge.  

Price: $16.94 at