If you are on this site, then you are probably a self-proclaimed foodie who would do nearly anything to get your hands on some gooey mac ‘n cheese, or perhaps a refreshing tropical smoothie. But when you say “anything,” what exactly do you mean? Scroll down to learn about nine individuals who broke laws, boundaries, and relationships to get the food that they craved.

A half-naked teenager stole steak from a local grocery store.


Photo by Stephen Blasetti

In Wisconsin, multiple stolen beefsteaks were found in the purse of an 18-year-old girl. The bizarre part was that Elizabeth Hoen was spotted nearby without pants or underwear right after her steak heist.

A missing box of Girl Scout Cookies put a Florida woman in jail.


Photo courtesy of digitalvampire.org

While you may expect a three-year-old to get angry when a friend steals their cookies, you probably wouldn’t expect it to happen to a 31-year-old woman. Somehow, it did. After waking up and accusing her roommate of eating her box of Thin Mints, Florida native Hersha Howard proceeded to chase after her friend with scissors, eventually smashing her with a board and later a sign.

A woman called 911 three times because of a McNugget shortage.


Photo by Kathleen Lee

Close your eyes and imagine you are a police officer getting a call from a crazed woman about the lack of McNuggets at a nearby McDonalds. Unfortunately, for Fort Pierce police officers in Florida, this was no imaginary scenario. Latreasa Goodman was given a mandatory court order for calling 911 so many times over something that was clearly not an emergency.

A man threw an axe at McDonald’s staff after being served cold fries.


Photo by Alia Wilhelm

After realizing that his french fries were cold, a French man launched an axe into a McDonald’s drive-thru window. After smashing the glass, the man continued to throw the axe into the restaurant. Luckily, no staff members or customers were hurt, though the perpetrator’s hand was seriously injured by the shattered glass.

6 911 calls about bologna landed a woman back in jail.


Photo courtesy of chow.com

51-year-old Christine Brown called police 6 times in Palm Bay, FL to tell them how much she loved the bologna sandwiches during her recent jail stay. Lucky for Christine, she will now have more time behind bars to enjoy such amazing bologna.

A boy from Charlotte was arrested after stealing Pop-tarts… from his mom.


Photo courtesy of sweets.seriouseats.com

We all know Pop-tarts are amazing, but would you call 911 on your own child for “stealing” them from your house? Well, 37-year-old Latasha Love from North Carolina did. We’re not sure what’s scarier though – a woman having her own son arrested for stealing Pop-tarts, or the fact that police actually arrested the kid.

A woman fired a shot into a McDonald’s after receiving the wrong order.


Photo courtesy of bizjournals.com

If you work at McDonald’s, or really any restaurant, you should be wary of accidentally giving someone the wrong order. The workers who made this potentially fatal mistake in Michigan were met with a bullet flying through their window. Luckily, no one was injured, though we can only imagine how traumatizing the experience was.

A woman slapped a girl in the face for refusing to share her ice cream.


Photo by Gabby Phi

Okay, can we really blame her for this? I mean, the girl wouldn’t share her perfectly good ice cream… the only issue is that this was actually a grown mother who slapped a 10-year-old girl for refusing to share her ice cream with the woman’s 4-year-old daughter. Oh, she also beat up the 10-year-old’s mother.

Bad Chinese food prompted a woman to call 911.


Photo by Scott Waldron

Tracey McCloud called 911 one day in Alliance, Ohio because her Chinese food was “not up to par for her liking.” The real question is what exactly was Tracey hoping to get out of this phone call? You decide.

Honorable Mention: A woman used Tinder to get free pizza.


Photo by Libby Perold

Back in 2015, a woman named Kate had the brilliant idea of using Tinder for the purpose of having pizza (and sushi, one time) delivered to her home. Essentially, Kate swiped right on every single person, and talked solely about pizza during her Tinder conversations until someone inevitably offered to bring her some.