Ice cream stores are a staple in every town in the United States. Americans love ice cream; in fact, the average American eats 22 pounds of ice cream per year, totaling over 20,800 calories.

This summer, I decided to work as an ice cream scooper. The pay was decent, I worked with one of my best friends all day and hello I got to try every one of our 26 flavors daily. During my long shifts in a hot ice cream store, there are a few things that cross my mind.

#SpoonTip: If you were wondering, I work at Udder Heaven in Bar Harbor, Maine which was featured in the Boston Globe this year.

1. 'Again, would like your ice cream in a sugar cone, plain cone or cup?'

Even though I just said this to your kids, you still won't tell me and I will have to ask you again. Get it in a cup and make my life easier please.

2. 'Yes, I can put three scoops on a cone for you, but I really don't want to.'

Although the second I hand you this colossal creamy creation, you will ask for a cup. Don't worry, I already have one in my hand. 

3. 'This is your 13th free sample dude, please just decide.'

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Emily Palmer

You have made me walk back and forth over ten times now, and no, I will not do it again.

4. 'Wow, I just scooped the perfect scoop.'

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Although I serve hundreds of cones a day, I am especially proud of this cone. Take a few pictures and I'll be beaming for the rest of the day. (Above photo was actually my creation and I'm still proud of it).

5. *Tip money clinks in jar* 'An extra half scoop never hurt anyone.'

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Anita Wray

As a college student who likes to eat out, I live off of these tips. Give me a good tip and your ice cream will be both bountiful and beautiful.

6. *Cone cracks* 'If they don't see the crack, it doesn't exist.'

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Anita Wray

Yes, it's been a long six hour shift and I really don't want to re-scoop this cone. Lick carefully...

7. 'How did this ice cream end up on my shoulder?'

And no, I have no idea how it got there.

8. 'Seriously, orange sherbet with gummy bears and caramel sauce?'

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Kathleen Lee

We know everyone has weird cravings from time to time but... seriously? I'm just grossed out.

9. 'If you ask for hot fudge on a cone again, I will have to interrupt you.'

The name in itself kinda explains why as hot fudge will proceed to drip all over my hand before I even hand it to you. Just please get a cup and I will thank you. 

10. 'Wow, I love my job.'

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Anita Wray

As much as I bicker and moan about one arm being significantly stronger and getting a stomachache from eating too much ice cream, I really enjoy this job (and the sweet tooth that comes along with it).