A typical partying rite of passage includes experiencing the famous Jägerbomb, which is made by dropping a shot of Jägermeister into a glass of Red Bull. Some cringe at the 35% alcoholic drink, but the kräuterlikör (herbal liquor) is actually the world’s most popular liquor brand.

Love it or hate it, Jägermeister has been recognized around the world since 1935, and it’s here to stay. Read up on these facts to sound a little more German before you pour your next shot.

1. It’s incredibly complicated to make.


Photo courtesy of ferie-niedersachsen.dk

The German staple contains 56 different ingredients and takes more than a year to brew to perfection. If those numbers don’t shock you, the fact that every bottle of Jägermeister goes through 383 quality checks before it leaves the factory should.

2. The ingredients DO NOT contain deer nor elk blood.

Photo courtesy of jägermesiter.com

Legend says that one of those 56 ingredients is rumored to be deer or elk blood. Though this is probably due to the liquor’s iconic bottle and logo, brewers have assured us that no animals were actually harmed in the making of this alcohol.

3. It’s poetic.


Photo courtesy of marketingmagazine.com

Though often overseen, the Jägermeister bottle actually has a poem by Oskar von Riesenthal on its label. Loosely translated in English, it means:

This is the hunter’s badge of glory,
That he protect and tend his quarry,
Hunt with honour, as is due,
And through the beast to God is true.

Clearly, Jägermeister takes things pretty seriously. Looking for the poem? It’s around the edges of the label.

4. It’s a community-focused brand.


Photo courtesy of jägermeister.com

The current marketing motto (Wer, wenn nicht wir“) means “Who, when not us.” If you check out the YouTube channel of their ads, each places an emphasis on community. It’s almost like they’re asking us to drink with friends. Sounds pretty rad to me.

5. Jägerbombs aren’t the only way to drink Jägermeister.

Photo courtesy of mensjournal.com

According to their website, Jägermeister can be used in drinks such as the Jägerita, Jäger Mate, and Jägermeister Rudi. In fact, the company has tried to re-market their brand appeal away from Jägerbombs. However, a classic shot of Jägermeister will always stay in style. Bottoms up.

6. It literally translates into “hunting master.”


Photo courtesy of Jägermeister.com

In German, “jäger” means “hunter,” while “meister” means “master.” Like I said, they take their alcohol pretty freaking seriously.

7. Its original nickname isn’t pleasant.

Photo courtesy of Gourmandandgourmet.com

Due to its “Hunting Master” title, Hitler’s right hand man, Hermann Görring, deemed the liquor Görring-Schnapps. Görring was the Imperial Huntsmaster (Reichsjägermeister) under Hitler. Clearly, the nickname hasn’t been used in a while.

8. It has an intense following.

Photo courtesy of freiseindesign.com

Jägermeister is a sponsor of both sports teams and heavy metal concerts. Though these events may appear to be on completely different spectrums, the brand’s superb marketing has landed them a broad market.

Though most recognize Jägerbombs in songs like Lil Jon’s “Shots,” the celebrity following is also high. According to jaeger.com, in 2006, Guns N’ Roses cancelled a concert in Maine due to the lack of Jägermeister in the area. Coachella 2016, listen up.

9. The bottle was tested to perfection.


Photo courtesy of flickr.com

Jägermeister was originally created in vinegar factory after the owner’s son, Curt Mast, took his father’s company in a boozy direction. Mast always knew his drink would be a hit at parties and wanted a bottle that could handle a fall or two. Rumor has it that Mast dropped hundreds of bottles on an oak floor until they didn’t break. Today’s iconic green bottle is the only one that passed the party test.