1. It is not just about eating spinach and carrots all day, every single day.


Photo by Chase Kroesche

Back when I was still eating animal products, the term “vegan” conjured images of colorful vegetables and fruits in my head…and nothing else. How could anyone possibly live off of just vegetables and fruits? I have always been an athletic person, so I was in a serious relationship my protein powder and chicken.

In reality, it is not just about eating raw vegetables and fruits 24/7. True, vegans eat only plant-based foods, but there are many sources of vegan protein and many more delicious dishes even non-vegans love. I mean, have you tried the sofritas at Chipotle?

2. There are nutrients your body needs, whether you’re vegan or not.

I have started taking Vitamin B, Vitamin D, and calcium-magnesium-zinc supplements because there are certain nutrients found only in animal proteins. However, I am pretty sure that, even when I was eating chicken and bacon, I wasn’t getting enough of these nutrients. I have become more aware of the food and nutrients that my body needs to function properly ever since becoming vegan.

3. Going vegan is not an excuse to eat Oreos everyday.

Sure, you might think that being on a healthy diet is an excuse to be unhealthy occasionally (better than being unhealthy 100% of the time, right?), but going vegan is not an excuse to binge eat unintentionally vegan junk foods. You still need to take care of your body.

4. My cravings have changed.


Photo by Annabel Epstein

If you do vegan-ism right (see #3 above), your sugar intake should decrease because you are consuming less processed food and more whole plant-based foods. I have noticed that my former cravings for cookies and frozen yogurt (which isn’t any more healthy than ice cream) have disappeared and been replaced by cravings for fruit. Mmm, who would have thought that sweet mangos and fresh berries could make my mouth water.

5. You won’t feel tired or hungry, just a long as you eat enough.


Photo by Gabby Phi

I thought cutting out meat would make me tired and hungry all the time. Fitness junkies eat just as much as varsity athletes, and at first I wasn’t sure how to fuel my body. The secret to eating enough plant-based foods in choosing the right plant-based foods. Eating salads and fruit all day is not going to fill you up. Black rice, beans, mushrooms, nuts, and tofu have become staples in my vegan diet, and always make sure you are getting enough protein from plant-based foods.

6. My digestive system has never felt more clean.


Photo by Alia Wilhelm

Not sure if this point is TMI, but it is definitely one of the most noticeable changes that I have noticed about my body since becoming vegan.

7. It’s okay if you make a mistake.

At some point, you are going to get so accustomed to being vegan that you forget that you are vegan. Everything in your refrigerator compliments your vegan diet, and all your friends know about your new dietary restrictions. You have started eating only vegan foods without consciously thinking about what you can and cannot eat.

But at some point, you are going to mess up. Just last week, I ordered a latte and forgot to ask for soy milk instead of whole milk. I was halfway through my drink before realizing my mistake. I have learned not to beat myself up if I accidentally eat a bit of dairy, but I do promise myself to be more aware of what is in food that I do not prepare for myself.

8. You’re going to start loving your vegan diet.

Why was meat ever even a part of my diet?

9. You’re also going to start trying to convince everyone to go vegan too.

Because everyone should at least try being vegan once in their lifetime. I never thought I would be able to stick with the diet and love it so much, but after being vegan for 9 weeks, I don’t plan on going back to consuming animal products anytime soon.