Your BFF knows all: your highs and your lows, your friends and your foes. They are your go-to person, your everything. What better way to show your them that you love ’em than with food? Ship them some of these sugar-high-inducing sweets to show them you care, and they’ll always save you a slice of cake.

1. The Classic BFF: Levain Bakery


Photo by Nicole Laszlo

Levain’s Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies are basically the greatest cookies ever. Any classic BFF would definitely appreciate the timelessness and simplicity of such a gooey, fantastic chocolate chip cookie. Send your BFF a gift box of 4, 8 or 12 chocolate chip walnut cookies, or pick an assorted flavor box so your bestie can sample all that Levain has to offer.

2. The Hipster BFF: Zingerman’s


Photo courtesy of @zingermanscandy on Instagram

Zingerman’s is a small chain of specialty food stores in Michigan known for their original candy bars, which come in four flavors. Satisfy your hipster BFF’s sweet tooth with a Zzang candy bar. The best part about these old-fashioned candy bars? Your ultra-hip best friend can say they started eating them before they were cool.

3. The Trendy BFF: Momofuku Milk Bar


Photo by Jessica Kelly

For the BFF that can spend hours “researching” the latest Instagram trends (we’re looking at you, hybrid foods and elephant pants), send a box of Momofuku’s uber-trendy B’Day Truffles. They’ll recognize them from their Insta-feed instantly. But better yet, they’ll cry after the first bite of funfetti truffle deliciousness.

4. The Gluten-Free BFF: Baked By Melissa


Photo courtesy of @bakedbymelissa on Instagram

Is your gluten-free BFF frequently left out of your foodie fun? Now you can save the day and send them a box of Baked by Melissa’s gluten-free bite-sized cupcakes. Send a box of assorted flavors and let your wheat-free friend experience the bliss of enjoying eight different cupcake flavors at the same time.

5. The Artsy BFF: Stuffed Cookies


Photo courtesy of @stuffed_cookies on Instagram

Your artsy BFF will (van)Gogh crazy for these cookie masterpieces from Stuffed. Dare to be creative and use cookie dough as your canvas. You can choose vanilla or chocolate dough, then pick your mix-ins and stuffings from goodies like marshmallows, pretzels and cookie butter.

Or, if you’re not feeling too inspired, opt for one of their original creations, like the Recess cookie or Cereal N’ Milk cookie. Who needs Pollack or Picasso when you have cookies like these?

6. The Healthy BFF: Harry and David


Photo courtesy of @harryanddavid on Instagram

Harry and David is like Edible Arrangment‘s bougie fruit cousin, most well-known for their trademarked Royal Riviera® pears. Send your fit-spirational BFF a box of the famous pears or any other fruit of your fancy. They’ll love snacking on some all-natural sugar before their barre boxing class. Bonus points for sustainability if you order a seasonal fruit package—your bestie’s yoga shaman will love that.

7. The Midwestern BFF: Garrett Popcorn


Photo courtesy of Garrett Popcorn Shops on Facebook

Sure, you joke about how your Midwestern BFF saw more cars than cows on the drive to high school, but you still want to show them some love. There is no better way to sweeten up your corn-fed friend than with Garrett Popcorn, “a Chicago tradition.”

Send your bestie a 6.5 gallon tin (the size of a small toddler) of the classic Garrett Mix, a combo of caramel and cheese popcorn. Smaller, arguably more reasonable sizes are also available.

8. The Nerdy BFF: Mini Melanie


Photo courtesy of @minimelanienyc on Instagram

No, these aren’t galactic gems from the surface of Mars, they’re Mini Melanie Jewel Truffles—but they certainly taste out of this world. Send your nerdy BFF a dozen of these extra-terrestrial truffles, and don’t be surprised when they start using the chocolates to reenact intergalactic space battles.

9. The Party Animal BFF: Tipsy Scoop


Photo courtesy of @tipsyscoop on Instagram

Tipsy Scoop made every foodie lightweight’s dreams come true with their liquor-infused ice cream. Now when your crazy BFF tries to get you to take ANOTHER shot with them during happy hour, you can pass them a pint of creamy, boozy heaven instead.

Plus, nothing says best friendship quite like getting drunk and eating ice cream, so why not be efficient and combine the two?