Summer is great for so many reasons – no school, it’s warm out and it’s socially acceptable to party outside during the day. But, probably the best thing about summer is the seasonal foods, namely avocado. Here are some #SpoonFeed photos of the week that show avocado in its true glory.

@cookingwithcocktailrings makes 100% raw fish look reallll good.

If your bagel isn’t at least three inches thick from all the toppings, you’re doing it wrong. Because we know your life won’t be complete until you figure it out, here’s how to make your own bagel.

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Don’t eat meat? Avocado’s got you. Here’s another super awesome way to replace meat with avocado.

All that green is a beautiful thing. Keep it goin’ with this awesome green smoothie.

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This glorious concoction is called a cemita. You might want to serve it at your next Mexican boozy brunch.

Rock out with your guac out and this is how to do it.

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Avocado is so amazing it could literally be put on top of anything. Here’s 11 ways to incorporate it into every meal.

No matter what you say, avocado toast will never go out of style.

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Here it is, in all its glory. Here’s 7 new ways you should be eating it.

Now that you’ve read this, head to our Instagram for all the latest #SpoonFeed and then close your laptop and go to the nearest grocery store and stock up on ‘cados. You won’t regret it.

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