We know y’all are hard-pressed for beach season but we’re here to tell you eating healthy and feeling light doesn’t have to be hard. These #SpoonFeed photos of the week are here to prove it.

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A little bacon on a salad never hurt anyone. And because you need to know, here’s how to make the perfect bacon.

Sweet potato hash with sprouts and a fried egg makes for healthier breakfast than you’d think.

Chia pudding – the healthy dessert you didn’t know you were missing.

@arjieljosephfg’s lime-glazed grilled chicken only has 250 calories per serving. Arjiel, are you a magician?

@breakfastwithbex is keepin’ it fresh to death with this fruit bowl.

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Never thought we’d say this but this Fig Newton concoction looks hot. And because the fig is worth more than just a bar, here’s some other things to do with it.

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NYC’s Chalait is rocking the world of foodies everywhere with their offerings like this toast with soft-boiled egg, miso butter, avocado, sesame seeds and arugula salad.

As if sushi could be any healthier, Beyond Sushi in NYC is churning out 100% vegetarian rolls and we heard it’s better than the original.

Now this girl knows a good salad. Garden fresh kale, roast chicken, veggies and garlic.

See, we told you it was possible to eat deliciously and healthfully at the same time. In case you need more inspiration, make sure to follow us on Instagram to catch all the best #SpoonFeed pics.

Because you can never have too many healthy food hacks: