Being born and raised in East Providence, Rhode Island, it has never failed to astound me how flabbergasted people from out of state get when I talk about a "bubbla" (aka a water fountain).  Showing off my Rhodie heritage is probably one of my favorite past times. Being only an hour commute from Providence to Boston, college students tend to take day trips to the city. Here are some food slang terms to know the next time you're in Rhode Island, so you don't look too much like a tourist:

1. Hot Weenies

"Hot weenie" in Rhode Island food slang terms is in the basic sense, a hot dog. More specifically, they're Olneyville N.Y. System hot wieners, which are a staple in Rhode Island. Make sure you get them "all-the-way": wiener sauce (ground hamburger sauce), onions, celery salt and muster. Located in Cranston (20 minutes from Providence) is Wein-O-Rama diner, the best wiener joint next to Olneyville. The hot wieners come piping hot, smothered with all the fixings, and the staff treats you like family the moment you walk through the door. My family have been regulars at Wein-O-Rama for years, and they've never disappointed. A hot wiener lunch is not completed, however, without crispy french fries and cool, creamy coffee milk.

2. Awful Awfuls

Taylor Silva

"Awfully big, Awfully good" is the slogan for Newport Creamery's infamous awful awfuls. I waitress at the ice cream parlour/diner during the summertime, where we have our big sale: BOGO Awful Awfuls. The picture above is just 1/3 of the drinks we pre-scoop in the mornings, and we have to keep pre-scooping until closing time at 11 pm. An Awful Awful is Rhode Island food slang for a milkshake. Awful Awfuls, however, are a special kind of milkshake. They're made with ice milk (unflavored ice cream) mixed with syrup, toppings, and milk. Try an Outrageous Awful Awful such as Oreo, Nutter Butter, or Nutella. Regular flavors include coffee, strawberry, mint, chocolate, vanilla, and cotton candy. You can even add jimmies (sprinkles) to any Awful Awful flavor. I suggest coffee with chocolate jimmies. 

3. Cabinets

coffee, chocolate, sweet, ice
Christin Urso

A cabinet in Rhode Island is not something you have in your kitchen, but another word for "milkshake". Unlike Newport Creamery Awful Awfuls, cabinets are traditional milkshakes made with ice cream, syrup and milk that's blended to thick, creamy perfection. A cabinet can also be called a frappe, like at Newport Creamery. Frappes are traditional milkshakes and are often confused for Awful Awfuls. Knowing the difference between a cabinet (or frappe) and an Awful Awful will be key to looking like a Rhode Island local.

4. Coffee Milk

Taylor Silva

Coffee milk is not just coffee with milk. Coffee milk is flavored with syrup and is enjoyed during all hours of the day. Rhode Island's brand of coffee syrup is called Autocrat, the best brand of coffee syrup you could buy. My family's fridge is always stocked with a jug of Autocrat coffee syrup, as depicted above. Coffee milk is sweet and creamy; think of a coffee frappuccino from Starbucks or melted coffee ice cream.

 5. Quahog

Quahog is not actually town in Rhode Island, despite what Family Guy might tell you. Quahogs are actually clams and are also known as "little necks", "cherrystones", or "hard shell clams."  There are spots in RI where you can actually fish for fresh quahogs, a classic RI pastime. 

6. Stuffies

One way to eat quahogs is by stuffing them. "Stuffies" is the Rhode Island slan term for stuffed clams. The filling is usually a seafood, peppery breadcrumb filling. Check out this article for the best places to find stuffies around RI.

7. Del's

Taylor Silva

As my father always told me, "Dels is the sunshine in the summertime." Dels is a frozen lemonade stand that is dear to all Rhode Island locals. What makes Dels so special is their original lemonade recipes and bits of lemon in the frozen mix. Every year there is always a debate whether lemon or watermelon is the best flavor (it's lemon). The picture above is essentially what a Rhode Island summer is all about: Dels, "chowdah" and clam cakes. Next time you are in Rhode Island, make sure you "stop at the sign of the lemon."

8. Chowdah and Clam Cakes

As I mentioned before, an essential to a Rhode Island summer is clam cakes and chowder. "Chowdah" refers to white New England chowder. There is also a Rhode Island chowder that uses a clear broth, but I (and many others) prefer the cream base chowder of the New England variety. Clam cakes are balls of dough with bits of clam that are soaked in clam juice, fried. The best clam cakes and chowder can be found at Iggy's in Narragansett or Warwick. If you are not able to drive to Iggy's, the next best place is Chelo's Bar and Grille.  

9. Doughboys

Iggy's isn't only famous for their chowder and clam cakes, but also their doughboys. Doughboys are Rhode Island slang for fried dough with powdered sugar on top. You can get doughboys at any fair or carnival, and of course at Iggy's. In Rhode Island never call this dessert a funnel cake or fried dough, they are and will always be doughboys.

I could talk about Rhode Island all day: from our relaxing beaches to the Newport Mansions. Next time you're in Rhode Island, hopefully, you won't be lost with the new insight on the lingo. You'll blend in as if your local knowing terms such as "doughboy," "Awful Awful," and "Dels." If you're thinking about making a trip, I highly suggest coming to Providence during the summertime for Waterfires (no the water is not set on fire). It's something everyone needs to experience at least once in their life.